If you feel a smartphone you are using now does not suit your needs, it’s time you switch to another smartphone. Your old smartphone can be sold to the store or passed on to a family member. Previous good to delete important data that is in smartphones. No matter how small the data stored on the smartphone can be restored and could potentially be abused by people who are not responsible. Moreover, these data are very important to you. Anyone who will not willingly if the data is confidential or private in the smartphone recovered by others. You can take precautions so that they do not happen, here are some precautions you need to do:

1. iOS
Prior to reset the iPhone or iPad, iCloud account you need in signout first. This is done to deactivate the key activities that are connected with your iCloud account. After that, open the menu settings> general> reset. Then choose Erase all content and settings> Erase iPhone / iPad.
Do not forget to confirm if you want to delete your iOS device, and enter the passcode if required.

2. Android
The first thing you need to do on Android smartphones is remove the SIM card and micro SD – if available microSD slot – from smartphones. Due to the current Android smartphones sold in the market are very diverse type and version, you can follow the ways below is consistent with the version of Android used.

For Android 4.0 and lower, go to settings> privacy> factory data reset and select reset. All existing data on the smartphone will be erased completely.

So also in the version of Android Lollipop, you can go into the settings menu> privacy> factory data is reset, and click Erase everything.

On Android 5.0 (Marshmallow) to the top, you are sometimes asked to remove your Google account. You can find it in the menu settings> accounts and tap Google account. Select your Google email account, and tap the menu icon and select remove account. After this, you can reset via settings> backup and reset> Data factory reset, and click Erase everything.

Regardless of any Android version you use, to ensure that the device does not already have access to your Google account, you can open myaccount.google.com/security in your browser and click on the activity and notification devices. Here, it would seem which device is connected to your Google account. Choose to be deleted by clicking the menu remove.