State University of Defense of China has debuted from Anbot, which rides on a robot designed to protectagainst violence and riots in the streets of the country.Of course this is very unique, because it uses as a police robot like the movie Robocop.

Unveiled last week in Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair, this intelligentrobot police had 1.49m tall and weighs 78kg. The robot is also able to travel independently at the highest speed of up to 18km / h, on a flat surface.
As reports People’s Dairy, the robot can patrol with a built-in sensor that ‘mimics the human brain, eyes and ears. “The article also explains that when Anbot detect potential securitythreats, controlling a human being can remotely activate the’ means of control electric-powered riot, ‘which may be a type of laser or a taser device.

AnBot a series of breakthroughs in key technologies including low cost autonomousnavigation and an intelligent video analysis, which will play an important role in enhancing the action of anti-terrorism and anti-riot.

The generalpublic can also press the alert button on the robot if in an emergency. In one demonstration, the robot demonstrated its ability to grip the mannequin leg.

According to the People’s Daily, AnBot said to be able to work continuously for eight hours, but the article did not mention further details about how long it takes to recharge, or what happens when a terrorist escaped up the stairs or the aircraft. Of course the technology is still in need of development in order to functionoptimally.