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Unmanned Submarine Technology

Unmanned Submarine Technology

US defense research center DARPA back to create an unmanned submarine. This ship is controlled from the ground and dive until weeks or even months to span thousands of miles.The submarine has a length of 132feet and uses diesel-powered engines built by defense contractors Leidos United States under DARPA program. Thesubmarine is deliberately created with the aim to track the whereabouts of other submarines. Thanks to the ability of the submarine to detect other vessels, DARPA team gave him the name of Sea Hunters. However, these submarines can also be used for other purposes, because it has a large payload capacity.

The DARPA team also explained that if they really – really want to make all of the system is automated, the most difficult thing is to make a system that is able to follow the rules of the international convention for preventing collisions at sea. In other words means that these submarines in the future should be able to behave likehumans where if the government gave the order to stop to wait for another ship passing within a certain time, then the submarines should be able to stop such people who are doing the queue.Not only is it in order to operate automatically submarines must be detected by the driver of the other ship.

This submarine will be sent to SanDiego to do further testing for 2 years. Tests include whether the submarine is able to work properly identify another submarine or not. Another submarine detection automatically uses sophisticated radar and identification systems.But the submarine is still in need of assistance manually by the operator will assist observes the area around with a camera.

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We all know that today is the fastest train Shinkansen, but no longer predicate it will be replaced by newcomers, namely Maglev:

As many people know, the fastest train in the world is from the Japanese Shinkansen trains. Trains are often also referred to the bullet trains have a maximum speed of 320 km / h.


However, the position seems to have replaced a Shinkansen train had just undergone testing speed on Tuesday (21/04) ago near Mount Fuji. In these trials, the train called Maglev (magnetically levitated trains) is capable of racing as fast as 603 kilometers per hour, and broke the record as the fastest train in the world.

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