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You Can not Draw? Google AutoDraw Can Help Your Scratching Be a Cool Illustration!

Google’s latest GoogleArtificial Intelligence(A.I.)is now fun for friends who want to create graphic design, but have no talent for drawing or making shapes.Because,any kind of graffiti that we torehkan, can instantly turn into a good illustration.Interesting right?

AutoDraw can directly try friends on the page me,it helps if we need a quick draw.For example when you want to create an invitation, add illustrations, or give an interesting accent while social media.

Google launches AutoDraw today, a continuation of the Quick Picture game experiment, Draw! Which is also on the Google AI page.Experiments. We are asked to draw an object quickly. When the machine is Quick,Draw!Can recognize our image,meaning our picture is sufficient in accordance with the general description of the object.

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Possible and Proper Alternative for WordPress


Just ask yourself. If you are trying to make a website, what kind of content management system will you choose? Yes, when we’re talking about CMS, normally, you will choose WordPress. Without any doubt, WordPress is so great. There have been many people who claim that such CMS is so awesome by considering the fact that you are going to be able to enjoy various kinds of plug in to make your website more fabulous.

For that aspect, WordPress is truly awesome. However, there’s a lacking there. WordPress doesn’t really allow the users to deal with the design as they please. Basically, it’s possible to do that but you will need to have some descent skills in coding and web design. Yes, not all people have such skill. Well, perhaps, at this point, you are wondering about the possible alternative for WordPress. Is it possible for you to find it? Indeed, it is but you may be confused about what to choose. This is where you need the help offered by

Here, you are going to learn about the right and proper method to make sure that you can improve the quality of your website if you demand the alternative for WordPress. You will be guided to learn about various other alternatives including the pros and the cons. Therefore, you can really figure out the right and proper choice as the alternative for WordPress. You must understand that it is important to learn about such information so you can maintain your satisfaction later on in running your website. Yes, you should also understand that WordPress is not the only choice for you. WordPress is basically great but it’s possible for you to find it less satisfying due to some aspects. If you face such condition and you want to know the possible alternatives, check out the website mentioned before so you will not make any mistake in choosing the alternative.

BackTrack Skyn, Unique Wearable Can Counting On Blood Alcohol Content


Currently wearable user to monitor fitness levels widely seen, and the introduction of the heartbeat is not a new thing anymore. Many mobiledevices such as smartphones that already has a heartbeat sensor recognition,and it is a very practical tool, because we can monitor at any fitness level.

But what if we want to see the level of alcohol in the blood throughout the day for the purposes of medicalprocedures or monitoring? Yes, this time it has found a more practical way to monitor the level of alcohol in the blood.

During the event the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Wearable biosensors Challenge, a company by the name of creating wearable BACtrack called Skyn,the company previously also had created the Breathalyzers.

Skyn itself essentially as a common wearable that you can wear around your wrist and through direct contact with the skin, will be able to measure the level of alcohol in your blood.Even devices proved very useful because it has won prize money worth $ 200,000 because it has the bestdesign.

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Generate Google Levis Collaboration and Smart Jacquard Jacket


What happens if the technology and fashion combined into a new innovative product? Yes, Google is now entering the realm of fashion by cooperating with Levi’s to produce a smart jackets that have the ability to quite sophisticated. Jackets are devoted to the cyclists named ProjectJacquard.

JacquardProject itself is the creation of a division of Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects). With this jacket, the user is possible to control the music player, answer incoming calls, and to access the navigation on smartphones.The idea of making this smart jacket itself pushed out of efforts to improve the safety of cyclists.

Today, many cyclists, especially in the United States were busy playing a cell phone while driving a bicycle. Of course, it is equally harm it with motorists who play a mobilephone while driving.

How to use it is also not so complicated, the user only needs to use his right arm to give orders. This can be done because the jacket is equipped with a variety of motionsensors embedded in the jacket. Of course this is a challenge that is unique, because it must combine fashion with technology.

Unfortunately, until now there has been no confirmation from Google regarding when the project will be commercialized and how much it costs for the smartjacket. Hopefully there is certainty information in the near future.

Especially for Surface Protective Case Book, Make Laptop strong and Intact Despite When Dropped


Book Surface fromMicrosoft is one of the best laptops on the market today. Unfortunately, the laptop 2-in-1 is not accompanied by a sturdy design. So if you fall, laptop pegged at high prices is also vulnerable to damage.

There are quite a lot of solutions that can be done to avoid accidents which result in damage to the SurfaceBook. One of them is by wearing protective casing as a preventive measure. Protective casing options which could be used for the Surface Book is now on the market are the Urban Armor Gear.

Urban Armor Gear is a protective casing which is specifically designed for the Surface Book. This casing also meet military standards, even more. By using this protectivecasing, Surface Book was intact after a fall from a height of 1.2 meters. This figure was higher than the military standard, namely 0.7 meters.

Laptops that use this protective casing also has undergone testing process dropped as much as 26 times from a height of 1.2 meters. As a result, SurfaceBook is still intact and there is no shred of damage. Laptops can still be used and the touchscreen is not problematic. Hopefully this article useful to you.

Effective Bookmarking Extension for Chrome

Perhaps, some of you have realized that to browse on the internet can be quite troublesome and ineffective. It is all because there are so many websites out there. Even if you have some particular interest, there are still tons of websites which contain the information you need based on your interest. The fact that you can bookmark certain websites which have become your favorite is a great thing to make it certain you can be more productive in browsing on the internet. However, sometimes, bookmark isn’t really that enough.

You only give “mark” to certain websites but you are not notified if there’s some new update done by the websites. This is how you should get bookmark chrome extension offered by With this kind of extension, you can see how things can be a lot much more effective and efficient for you to deal with internet browsing. What makes this extension different from the bookmarking feature offered in default by Chrome? Well, the regular bookmarking feature will consume some space and it is quite annoying for some people. In contrary, this extension can stay hidden if you don’t need it which will make things a lot neater for you. You know that your favorite websites are only a few clicks away. It means that you don’t need to spend a lot of time to keep opening and closing the websites just to make sure you can get the right information you expect.

Not to mention, this extension will also give you full control on the notifications. For instance, you can choose how often you want to get notified. What’s even more awesome is the fact that you can also get Facebook notification chrome extension from Once you have got such extension, you can find that things can be a lot much more comfortable for you especially when you are browsing on the net. Just give it a try and you will not be disappointed.

Super Protective Clothing Technology

clothing super

A group of young scientists to develop new types of protective clothing used for search and rescue activities. Protective clothing is dubbed as a “superhero costume” because it is made of fire-resistant material and is also able to protect the wearer from freezing temperatures and harmful electromagnetic radiation.According to the professor, this outfit is planned to be used at the end of this year by rescueworkers at the North Pole.

Protective clothing is composed of aramid fibers are coated with a special magnetic layer. The merger between aramid fiber and a special magnetic layer is able to combine two opposite characteristics;fire-resistant and frost resistance. Protective clothing is able to hold the flame up to 600 degrees Celsius and summertemperatures up to 1,200 degrees Celsius.For the cold-resistant features, these clothes are able to withstand temperatures of up to minus 120 degrees Celsius.

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Abov™ Power Solutions Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Voltower™ – The Power Strip All Others Look Up To™


Philadelphia, PA  – February 10, 2016 –  The Voltower, Earth’s first and only height-adjustable power strip is now live on Kickstarter.  Put the power where YOU want it by supporting Voltower’s campaign on Kickstarter.

The Voltower is a truly innovative power solution that cleans up annoying cord clutter, and eliminates the “cord-crawl” forever. It might just be the first power strip you actually LOVE.

A recent survey showed that the average American owns four electronic devices – all of which have a limited battery life.  “As we constantly need to recharge, it becomes painfully obvious that we need a better more convenient power solution,” says Dean Rosenblum, the Voltower’s inventor, and Founder of Abov Power Solutions.

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The Best Ceramic Fiber for High Temperature Industries

ceramicAlso known as an aluminum silicate fiber blanket, a ceramic fiber blanket is a type of insulation refractory material. In other words, it’s a non-metallic material that can withstand high temperatures. It has a high strength, light-weight binder, and also performs well as an insulator. It’s effective in reducing the weight of high temperature factory equipment. It also reduces heating times, and saves energy.

Ceramic fiber blankets are composed of aluminum silicate and traces of additional auxiliary materials. During the production process, the ceramic fiber is developed using two methods: spun needle blankets, and blown needle blankets. Blankets created using the double-side needle process are of higher quality than others.

Ceramic fiber blanket have low thermal conductivity, which means they don’t conduct heat very well (remember, it’s non-metallic). However, it has excellent insulation properties, making it an effective way to use energy more optimally. It’s light in weight, and also thermal shock resistant.

This material is uniform in diameter, has great tensile strength, and created with long fibers, which improve its performance. It also holds up reliably well in different environments, such as dry or humid surroundings. It helps that the material doesn’t rust.

Ceramic fiber blankets are typically white in color. Cutting and installing the material is relatively simple. Ceramic fiber blankets are white, and typically come in rolls that can be cut as needed. It is an easy material to cut and install. The properties of the blanket aren’t affected by oil. It doesn’t work as well when it’s wet, but after drying, it goes back to its original strength and effectiveness.

Because of the many advantages of this material, ceramic fiber blankets have many applications across different industries, from food production to automotive, and everywhere in between. It can serve as the lining for high temperature reaction equipment in the chemical industry, as lining for industrial furnaces, as thermal insulation for high-rise building, or as high temperature filler material. Because of its heat resistance and insulation properties, ceramic fiber can also be found in other forms. These include ceramic fiber rope, boards, and paper.

The Benefits of SuiteCRM Integration


By considering the development in the field of business operation at this recent time, it seems that the businessmen need to think of a great way to make things more effective. Whenever a business operation is really effective, there will be at least two benefits to achieve. The first is related to the fact that the result should be more guaranteed to be satisfying and the second is about how the cost for business operation can be more suppressed.

This is where the right integration to be connected to the business application is necessary so it can automate the operations of the business as well as to streamline it. SuiteCRM integration is the right option for such purpose. FyNSiS as the developer of it has done a great job in creating the command for SuiteCRM and at the same time, the framework as well as the API are also done perfectly. You need to know that this integration has come with custom built systems to make it possible to be compatible with various applications. There are also some other things to offer including the engines for eCommerce purpose like how you can get OpenCart and the others. And yes, you should not forget about the SuiteCRM Plugin as well.

Like what has been mentioned before, the use of such integration will make things a lot much more efficient especially when it comes to the productivity. It is all thanks to the fact that the integration is going to eliminate the urge to use disconnected systems in multiple mode. And please also consider about the automation of your business processes. How awesome it is! You barely need to think about the complexity because everything will work on their own. And when it comes to the data accessing, you don’t need to wait for a long time because everything is going to be placed in one place.

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