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ATOM AND HISTORY his invention


During school we’ve learned about atoms and their use in life, be it for good or as weapons of mass destruction. And what about the history of the discovery of the atom itself, I am sure there are many people who do not know, here’s his review:

The development of atomic structure was donated by many scientists. Chronology of the atomic structure revealed the discovery of atomic particles and their arrangement in the atom.

Atoms are the building blocks of all matter. An atom consists of three particles – neutrons (no charge), protons (positively charged) and electrons (negatively charged). The number of protons present in the atom is called the atomic number, while the mass of the atom is the number of protons plus the average number of neutrons. Each different elements found in nature differ in the number of third-atomic particles. In general, atomic number used to define an element, for example, an element with atomic number 8 is oxygen and vice versa. An element has a fixed number of protons, but can have varying numbers of neutrons. Atoms with different numbers of neutrons are called as isotopes.

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Do you know about the history of Nuclear created? I am sure there are those who do not know. Most people will immediately think of a deadly weapon ketka hear the word nulkir, whereas Nuclear many potential uses for the advancement of technology, the following review:

In 1934 a scientist named Enrico Fermi conducted experiments in Rome which proves that neutrons can break some kind of atom.
In 1938 the German scientist Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman firing neutrons of the elements radium and beryllium to uranium he was surprised to find the lighter elements such as barium in the remaining ingredients.

Prior to publish their discoveries contact Lise Meitner in Copenhagen who also worked on Neil Bohr and Otto R. Frisch. When Meitner perform the experiments he found that the results of the reaction mass of the reaction product is less than the mass of uranium that is used. Meitner then use Einstein’s theory that menyebutan mass turns into energy.

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After we discussed the benefits of solar energy and, now I will discuss about how to harness solar energy in everyday life:

You certainly know about solar panels? The solar panel is a semiconductor equipment that is coupled with certain components that can generate electrical energy by making use of heat and sunlight. Changing energy derived from sunlight into electrical energy is called the effect of photovoltaic (PV) .Sedangkan field of research related to solar cells is known as photovoltaics.

The solar panel can be mounted on the roof of buildings / houses are then connected to the inverter to the electricity grid in a network setting measuring current and voltage.

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One of the largest energy source that exist in this world is solar energy. Not only humans who benefit, but all creatures on earth to feel the benefits of solar energy. Here is an overview of solar energy and its benefits:

The sun can be used directly to produce electricity or for heating and even for cooling. ¬†future of solar energy potential is limitedd only by our desire to capture chance. There’s many ways to harness energy from the sun. Plants convert sunlight into chemical energy using photosynthesis. We utilize this energy by eating and burning woodd.

* # Solar Thermal Power
A large glass mengkonsetrasikan sunlight into a single line or point. Dihasilakan heat used to generate steam. Heat, high-pressure steam that is used to run turbines that generate electricity. In areas exposed to the sun, solar power plants can guarantee a large distribution of electricity production

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Benefits of Water Energy for Human Life


If previously discussed regarding energy and its sources, so this time we will discuss the benefits of the energy of water for human life:

Water is indeed a sourcee of life for all living beings, not only human beings. Without water, all living creatures will not survive in the long term. Aside from being the source of our life, waterr is also an energy that can be used for various things.

One of the benefits of water energy is a major driver waterwheel that converts water energy into mechanical energy. The advantagge of using water as an energy source is that becauuse of the abundant and easily obtained. There are severall types of waterwheels that use this water energy source.

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There are many sources of energy in the world, but there is still a lot that can not be utilized properly for life. Here are some sources of energy in the world:

1. Sources of renewable energy
Is a renew able energy source and can be used without fear of running out. for example:

A. Solar energy or solar
Solar energy is abundant in numberr, especially for tropical regions. utilization of sunlight is to use solar cells that function to convert solar energy into electrical energy. There is also the use sun rays to cookk with the sun-powered stove for example in the country of India.

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