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Wow, China Create Giant Gundam Robot “Monkey King”, No Lost From Japan and US To Chop!

If it has previously been confirmed that a giant robot battle similar to Gundam,Megabots Mk. III and Kurata will take place in August,so this time Megabots reveals another robot will participate.It turns out a company called GREATMETAL from China,will become a third player with the name of robot taken from the legend”Monkey King”.

Definitely make the show even more exciting!This is confirmed when founder and co-founder Megabots, visited China some time ago.They also had a picture with Monkey King. In addition, the making ofMonkeyKing has also been uploaded inside the Megabots channel.

Monkey King is on display at G-Festival, Beijing National Stadium,adjacent to MegabotsMk. II, which when friends follow theMegabot channel, has been “destroyed” as experimental material.

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Trading Robot to Make Trading More Convenient

There are so many people out there who are interested to deal with trading. The main reason is actually simple. Trading is really promising and surely, we are talking about big sum of money here. There have been so many proofs out there. Tons of people have become really wealthy after they involved themselves in this kind of field. That is why it is really normal if you also want to give it a try. However, what usually happens to most people is how they tend to give up soon enough after they try. Why is it like that?

Well, it is because to cope with trading is not really that simple. Of course, there are so many promising benefits waiting for them but before they can really get such great things, they need to cope with many complicated things first. The people usually give up because they have done so many efforts but those efforts don’t really give the results like what they desire. This is totally annoying for most people. If you want to be successful in trading, in most cases, you really need to be so persistent. However, you also need to know that there are so many tricks which can be applied to make things a lot much more convenient and easier for you. Have you ever heard about trading robot?

This kind of thing is actually the development in both technology and trading fields. And yes, it can be really helpful for the traders. The trading can be done in a lot much more effective way and the result can be more guaranteed. It is also easier. Even the people who are not really that experienced in trading can be successful in no time. Don’t you think this kind of solution will be so great for you? That is you should get trading robot right away.

Drone technology is Controllable Simultaneously

Drone technology is Controllable Simultaneously

Quadcopter, or we know him as a regular drone controlled using a remote control from a distance. But what if the ‘toy’ that we can control with our mind? Not just one, even we can control several drones at once by just thinking about it. Why not use the remote control, of course is because the remote control can only be used to control only one drone. Unlike the human brain has the ability to control multiple things at once in a single time. At least not as that is what is being investigated by a group of scientists. They fit a helmet equipped with a control electrode cable 128. Overall electrode wires were connected to a computer controlling the drones, as well as to record the brain activity of the subjects during the research process.

Director of the Laboratory of Humanoid Robot and Control explained that the purpose of their study was to map the passwords of brain activity as long as he controls the robot. They are trying to compare the movement of drones controlled by brain activity recorded by the computer. To control the drone, the controller watching a screen, thinking and visualizing the movement of drones. In addition to record brain activity, the movement of the drone also recorded by the computer system.

Over the past two to three decades has done many studies of brain-machine interface is a single, in which you only control one machine that makes compelled to explore this concept of multi-control. A unique feature of this study is that every individual human brain has a different character. It makes Artemiadis should always perform a calibration if it is to toggle the subject of research. Even he had to do it every day because it signals the brain is always changing from day to day. Continue reading

Robot technology Grilling Sausages

Robot technology Grilling Sausages

There are unique at a summer party event in Berlin, Germany. Feast titled Stallwächterparty 2016 was graced by a robot chef grills bratwurst – designation of sausage in German. It appears in a video uploaded to youtube that this robot works completely automatically without the intervention of human controllers. With a claw on the robot arm, he nimbly flipping through a sausage on a hot grill.

Robot chef made by the independent German institute named FZI Living Lab Service Robotics is equipped with several parts that support its work. Two cameras, each highlighting a tray of uncooked sausage and a sausage grill, serves as the robot’s eyes. The camera detects the position of sausage, empty place to put raw sausage on the grill, even to see the maturity level of the sausage. A set of robotic arm with a degree of freedom of movement multi-dimensional spearhead the work robot to be a chef. A large screen placed behind the robot to show visitors the visualization of the “eye” and the robot control system. Last is a touch-screen tablet that is placed on the front of the kitchen as a place for visitors to order the menu they want, although admittedly, the menu is available only bratwurst alone.

The presence of the chef even this robot into separate entertainment for 2400 invitees present at the party. Total until the show ended she had baked 200 sausages. The invitation appears quite enthusiastic with the presence of the robot. Moreover, the robot is also polite enough to occasionally say “Lass es dir schmecken!”, Which means approximately is “Enjoy your meal!”

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China Introduces Robot Police Anbot


State University of Defense of China has debuted from Anbot, which rides on a robot designed to protectagainst violence and riots in the streets of the country.Of course this is very unique, because it uses as a police robot like the movie Robocop.

Unveiled last week in Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair, this intelligentrobot police had 1.49m tall and weighs 78kg. The robot is also able to travel independently at the highest speed of up to 18km / h, on a flat surface.
As reports People’s Dairy, the robot can patrol with a built-in sensor that ‘mimics the human brain, eyes and ears. “The article also explains that when Anbot detect potential securitythreats, controlling a human being can remotely activate the’ means of control electric-powered riot, ‘which may be a type of laser or a taser device.

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Tourist arrival in Tokyo Japan Airport will be greeted by a trilingual Robot


Haneda International Airport in Tokyo the Japanese government created the NAO humanoid robot whose job is to greet the traveler.Unique indeed.Moreover, this robot also has the ability to speak threelanguages, namely Japanese, English,and the last is Mandarin.

But the ability to answer questions from the NAO robot is still very limited. As quoted from Mashable, NAO robot is only able to hold an office of seven types of questions.This robot was designed to be able to do movements that adorable to give prior notice to the passengers.Moreover, a related announcement boarding and securitycheck.

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The sophistication of Curiosity Mars Explorer Robot


Spaceagency NASA has just successfully landed a new robot namedCuriosity to the planet Mars. Curiosity is the most sophisticated robot ever built by NASA.Manufacturing costs are very large, reaching USD 2.5 billion. Curiosity is the seventh robot specifically created for NASA visited the red planet.Over the next two years,will explore the surface of the planned CuriosityMars.Its main mission is to investigate whether primitive life ever existed there.

Curiosity successful landing -the most sophisticated laboratory rover that had landed on another planet – marking the unanticipated technologicalfeatures that will be a point of national pride until far into the future.Curiosity operates using nuclear power.The size of a small car and is equipped withsophisticated research tools.This robot has an electronic hand with a drill,and the laserlaboratory to smell if there are elements of the building blocks of life on Mars. CuriosityMars also able to accurately detect radiation.Curiosity measured radiation levels will be analyzed by NASA. This is to determine what kind of environment that would be encountered if an astronaut when they landed there.

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Advanced Combat Robot


Want to be a pilot a giant robot like in the movies?It seems now thatdesire can be realized.A company in Japan to create a giantrobot that can be controlled by the people in it.

Suidobashi HeavyIndustry Company based in Tokyo,creating a large-sized robot named Kuratas.Shaped like a robot combat is frightening.

And indeed this robot has advanced weaponssystem that is claimed to be firing 6000 rounds per minute.Pilots who are in it to control such weapons. Continue reading


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