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Be Prepared for Further Technology Advancement

By considering how great the development in the field of technology like what we have nowadays, it’s not impossible for the future to be even more awesome. We all know that there is no limit to the development and advancement. And yes, since the demands of the people about greater technology and its application are getting bigger and bigger as the time goes by, the technology which is blowing our mind today may not be that impressive anymore compared to the technology in the next ten or twenty years.

Related to this matter, many people have made some kind of prediction. And the most interesting one is associated to the quantum computing. Sure, it’s still related to the operation of computer but we are actually talking about something beyond what can be done by today’s computers. This kind of prediction or theory for the future is actually quite understandable and acceptable by considering how there have been some proofs around us. For instance, we can see how artificial intelligence which was believed to be so impossible to be operated in the past ten or twenty years has actually become a reality around us. It is totally possible for artificial intelligence to be applied in more intense way in the future. Furthermore, it’s even possible for such technology to become something which cannot be separated from our lives like the internet nowadays. Is it a good thing?

Well, it’s definitely a good thing as long as we all know the optimal way to use it. However, there are also some people who are quite skeptical if we are really ready for such massive advancement in the field of technology. Well, no matter what, the advancement is still going on and it can’t be cancelled. It’s better for us to prepare ourselves so we will not be too shocked when such technology has really come to us.

Scientists Successfully Making Tool of Plastic Flexible Memory Storage

Scientists Successfully Making Tool of Plastic Flexible Memory Storage

The concept gadget with the ability of flexible, can bend-bend, even transparent has long blown by fans of gadgets. In fact, many designers gadgets have made a video picture to the flexible design of the gadget. Until seems the dream of many a gadget freak design is starting closer to reality. After the discovery of a flexible touch-screen technology, now turn a breakthrough made by scientists to make the memory device of a transparent plastic material.

The combined research from several agencies have successfully developed a magnetic memory chip made of a flexible plastic material. These advanced components will certainly be an important component of any development of an electronic device with a flexible and super lightweight design. Some of the technologies are ready to apply this breakthrough include automotive, medical equipment, industrial motor control and robotics, electrical industry, to the world of aviation and military.

This study design memory chips operate with a system magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM), which uses magnetic material magnesium oxide (MgO) for storing data. Known MRAM technology is superior to conventional RAM, as capable of storing data when no power supply, data processing faster, and of course the low power consumption. The team of scientists build MgO material layer on the surface of silicon as the beginning of the process of making this memory. Furthermore, they erode the silicon layer when the layers of MgO had been ready for use. By using printing technology, they provide an implant earlier magnetic material to the surface of flexible plastic polyethylene terephthalate. The implantation process must continue to always pay attention to plastic tension so that the material is not damaged. Continue reading

Drone technology is Controllable Simultaneously

Drone technology is Controllable Simultaneously

Quadcopter, or we know him as a regular drone controlled using a remote control from a distance. But what if the ‘toy’ that we can control with our mind? Not just one, even we can control several drones at once by just thinking about it. Why not use the remote control, of course is because the remote control can only be used to control only one drone. Unlike the human brain has the ability to control multiple things at once in a single time. At least not as that is what is being investigated by a group of scientists. They fit a helmet equipped with a control electrode cable 128. Overall electrode wires were connected to a computer controlling the drones, as well as to record the brain activity of the subjects during the research process.

Director of the Laboratory of Humanoid Robot and Control explained that the purpose of their study was to map the passwords of brain activity as long as he controls the robot. They are trying to compare the movement of drones controlled by brain activity recorded by the computer. To control the drone, the controller watching a screen, thinking and visualizing the movement of drones. In addition to record brain activity, the movement of the drone also recorded by the computer system.

Over the past two to three decades has done many studies of brain-machine interface is a single, in which you only control one machine that makes compelled to explore this concept of multi-control. A unique feature of this study is that every individual human brain has a different character. It makes Artemiadis should always perform a calibration if it is to toggle the subject of research. Even he had to do it every day because it signals the brain is always changing from day to day. Continue reading

Robot technology Grilling Sausages

Robot technology Grilling Sausages

There are unique at a summer party event in Berlin, Germany. Feast titled Stallwächterparty 2016 was graced by a robot chef grills bratwurst – designation of sausage in German. It appears in a video uploaded to youtube that this robot works completely automatically without the intervention of human controllers. With a claw on the robot arm, he nimbly flipping through a sausage on a hot grill.

Robot chef made by the independent German institute named FZI Living Lab Service Robotics is equipped with several parts that support its work. Two cameras, each highlighting a tray of uncooked sausage and a sausage grill, serves as the robot’s eyes. The camera detects the position of sausage, empty place to put raw sausage on the grill, even to see the maturity level of the sausage. A set of robotic arm with a degree of freedom of movement multi-dimensional spearhead the work robot to be a chef. A large screen placed behind the robot to show visitors the visualization of the “eye” and the robot control system. Last is a touch-screen tablet that is placed on the front of the kitchen as a place for visitors to order the menu they want, although admittedly, the menu is available only bratwurst alone.

The presence of the chef even this robot into separate entertainment for 2400 invitees present at the party. Total until the show ended she had baked 200 sausages. The invitation appears quite enthusiastic with the presence of the robot. Moreover, the robot is also polite enough to occasionally say “Lass es dir schmecken!”, Which means approximately is “Enjoy your meal!”

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Marine Navigation Systems

Marine Navigation Systems

Ship navigation system that is already set in the Global Maritime Distress adan Safety System (GMDSS). The GMDSS is an international agreement in which regulate communication procedures, the procedure’s safety, as well as the types of equipment in the ship. The purpose of the agreement is to improve safety and also to make procedures easier to implement in order to avoid danger. Existing communication systems in the GMDSS indeed have been specially designed to ensure the safety and necessity of handling signaling distress in the sea and this applies to the whole world. Of course, this system has other capabilities that send and receive signals sent by the danger of another ship, the ship that affected so they can immediately get help as soon as possible. This system can also be used to study the safe route that will pass quickly and safely.

Some systems are incorporated in the GMDSS has long operated with functions as diverse as general radio communication which aims to ship communication tools through a network of terrestrial radio and safety related. Ship navigation systems such as alerting useful to give notice of a disaster or threatening danger as well as to coordinate an inter-ship aid. Tool – navigation tools that are typically used in marine vessels such as radar (radio detection and ranging), GPS (global positioning system), RDF (radio direction finder), enchosounder, AIS (automatic identification system), and many others. The navigation tool must meet the standards set by the GMDSS as to ensure the safety of the crew is in the ships.

GMDSS communication system is divided into two satellite communication systems and ground communications systems created with the aim to coordinate the danger signals between ships on the high seas. Communication is done can be within a range of short, medium, or remotely by using a specific frequency that VHF (very high), and MF (medium), and HF (high) frequency. The main function of the navigation system in the ocean is to determine the bow that can be known within a ship from origin to destination. An explanation of the navigation system briefly ships can illustrate the complexity of existing systems on ships. To that end, a driving ships and crews should be aware of the GMDSS and navigation systems used by ships dikemudikannya with the aim to prevent any unwanted bad thing. For that, it needs a deeper introduction of navigation tools such ships to know the basic things about the navigation tools that are used all ships.

An Artificial Muscles Super Wide to Heal If Trimmed

An Artificial Muscles Super Wide to Heal If Trimmed

With the nano meter technology, it is not impossible to make a very stretchy material. Materials have been found with the use of certain types of rubber and carbon coating with nano meter scale. Super elastic material when it is made with the intended use of super elastic sensor. But when the super elastic material that is truncated, it is definitely the tool can not be reused. The invention allows for the production of super elastic and can heal themselves when cut. The researchers found the idea of human muscle to be stretched and can heal themselves after suffering an injury. When you pull a muscle a little force, perhaps you will feel extreme pain for a while. But the human body can heal any damage incurred as a result of this forced stretching muscles.

Now researchers makes it possible to replicate using electrically-responsive polymer. These polymers are used to make artificial muscle for robotic haptic systems and experimental. So when there are robots that use of these polymers in the cable and the other part, is expected when punctured or cut, the robot can heal themselves and can return to work as it should.

This is the first time the use of electrically responsive polymer with super elastic properties and can be self-healing, so it can be used as artificial muscles more resilient. Thanks to the super-elastic properties of the polymer used, a sheet of electrically responsive polymer with a length of 2.5 centimeters can be stretched up to 2.5 meters long. It’s fantastic not result ?! The researchers then tried to stab the polymer. When the polymer was stabbed, miraculously the polymer may recover. Even the electrically responsive polymer is able to heal themselves well in room temperature conditions. Continue reading

Carriers most sophisticated

Carriers most sophisticated

In this modern era of many advanced technologies that have been developed or are being developed. One was in the military field. After yesterday to discuss the world’s largest warships and submarines art, the discussion this time is still the same but slightly different that the aircraft carrier.

An aircraft carrier is a war fleet which is phenomenal and fantastic, considering its function in maintaining the territorial sea of a country. Not all countries have aircraft carriers, because the cost of an aircraft carrier just to reach billions of US Dollars. The function of the carrier one of which is to bring military forces such as combat aircraft, helicopters, infantry, tanks, weaponry and so forth. Developed countries are racing to have aircraft carriers with advanced technology, the following is recorded in the history of the carrier by using advanced technology.

Carriers most sophisticated :

  • U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, United States
    U.S.S. John F. Kennedy is the most advanced aircraft carrier this one is owned by the United States. Currently aircraft carriers belonging to the US Navy no longer in operation. Carriers was once dubbed as “Big John”. Carriers U.S.S. John F. Kennedy is also able to fight with submarines, thus making it an aircraft carrier with a variety of functions. Was first launched in 1967 and ceased operations in 2007.
  • USS Nimitz, United States
    USS Nimitz is also the largest warships in the world and leads in its class. The ship was launched for a variety of missions the United States and also to secure the territorial waters of the United States. Carriers using nuclear power as a driving force, so as to be on the water for decades on one charge. The ship is capable of carrying about 85 to 95 aircraft and other equipment. The weights of these ships reached 100,000 tons.
  • Charles de Gaulle, France
    The aircraft carrier is the most advanced one belonging to the French Navy. As is the case with the USS Nimitz, an aircraft carrier which is also used as a vehicle fuel, belonging to the French aircraft carrier is capable of carrying as many as 40 fighter aircraft, heavy weapons, and able to operate for 20 years without refueling again. This aircraft carrier ever took some of the missions, including the battle with the Taliban, Afghanistan.

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World’s Largest Cruise Ship

World's Largest Cruise Ship

Unlike the battleship or aircraft carrier that was used for military activities in defending the sovereignty of a country. The yacht is a luxury ship that is used for trips, in which filled with luxuries. The presence of the yacht is still a trend favorable world. The larger the size of the vessel, the greater the luxury inside. This certainly will affect rental prices climb aboard the luxury. There are many luxury yachts in the world, but what about the large size? Here is the largest cruise ships in the world, which has been summarized from various sources.

World’s Largest Cruise Ship :

  • MS Allure of the Seas
    MS Allure of the Seas is a cruise ship that was built with advanced technology, this ship is able to accommodate passengers reached 1385 people. The luxury ship is equipped with 25 restaurants, has 2000 crew who are already experts in charge of shipping. MS Allure of the Seas was built by Royal Caribbean International Company in 2006. The vessel is considered to be the largest cruise ship in the world with a length of 360 meters, and a height of 360 meters.
  • Oasis of The Seas
    Oasis of the Seas is a cruise ship next entry as one of the largest cruise ship. This ship is still considered the big brother of the ship above. This is because the ship had a difference a few inches above only by boat. Oasis of the Seas can accommodate as many as 6,000 passengers. There are a variety of luxurious amenities inside it like a nightclub, a swimming pool, bar, mini-golf, volleyball courts, and much more. The ship is expected to reach 1.4 billion dollars.
  • Freedom of The Seas
    This ship was never occupy the top positions in the world’s largest cruise ship, prior to the construction of both ships above. This luxury yacht has a luxurious facilities in it like a 3D cinema, water park, WiFi, and many other luxury amenities. Freedom of the Seas is capable of carrying passengers 4600 people, including the crew. Costs incurred to build luxury ship is 800 million dollars. This luxury ship built by the Royal Caribbean International, as well as the second ship above.

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Asthma Treatment Using Nano-Technology

Asthma Treatment Using Nanotechnology

A new approach has been created to treat asthma and respiratory allergies! A group of scientists have found that nanoparticles can be degraded biologically (biodegradable).The researchers They focused on the use of nanoparticles to prevent allergic reactions in the respiratory tract.

Nano-particle technology can also be applied to food allergies, not only on allergies caused by bacteria and viruses. According to Stephen Miller, a professor of Microbiology-Immunology, application of this invention is expected to eliminate the dependence on drugs asthma and allergic lung lifetime!This method works by creating a tolerance in the immunesystems of nanoparticles as a deterrent against allergens. This technology has been tested on a group of mice with asthma and so far it works well. Along with increasing time, this technology is also making progress in overcoming autoimmune diseases. Research a medical company that is now focus the nanoparticle-based therapy.

Ways of working

When nanoparticles injected into the bloodstream, the immune system will see the particles as harmless particles so that the particles will be consumed by macrophages or cells cleaners.Cleaning cells will “say” all is fine. As a result, the immune system will “suspend” their response to the nanoparticles so that the particles can infiltrate into the lungs. In the case of mice, their lungs (rats) have been processed in such a way so reactive to egg protein. Now these mice react to egg protein with a kind of asthmaticreactions. Once the nano particles to the lungs of mice and neutralizing the egg protein, they do not show symptoms of asthma again.

Other benefits

The scientists found that injection of nanoparticles can increase the number of T-cell function as a sedative regulator allergens.That more and more T-regulatory cells, the weaker the patient’s reaction to allergens (allergy-causing). If simply, if our lungs are highly allergic to cigarette smoke, the increase in the number of regulatory T cells in our body will reduce the sensitivity to cigarettesmoke.This discovery is very useful for the development in the treatment of respiratory disorders and, if applied widely in the future be able to completely eliminate dependence on drugs for asthma and lung allergy.

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Cain Smart Power Generation Human Motion

Kain Pintar Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Gerakan Manusia

The development of gadgets that may not be dammed now demanding users more often recharge their gadgets.From powerbank, solar charger attached to the jacket, until the shoes can recharge the batteries smartphone exemplifies the rapid innovation of this field. Even a materials scientist introduces a fabric that is able to generateelectricity just by moving the cloth.

The working principle is quite simple smart fabric that is using triboelektrik effect that can generate static electricity like when you rub a balloon to your hair so the hair will come up as attraction with balloons.This fabric is composed of two layers of materials with different types, so that if the fabric is given stimulus will occur displacement movement of electrons from one side to the other. Given this electron transfer, it will create a potential difference.

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