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Super Protective Clothing Technology

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A group of young scientists to develop new types of protective clothing used for search and rescue activities. Protective clothing is dubbed as a “superhero costume” because it is made of fire-resistant material and is also able to protect the wearer from freezing temperatures and harmful electromagnetic radiation.According to the professor, this outfit is planned to be used at the end of this year by rescueworkers at the North Pole.

Protective clothing is composed of aramid fibers are coated with a special magnetic layer. The merger between aramid fiber and a special magnetic layer is able to combine two opposite characteristics;fire-resistant and frost resistance. Protective clothing is able to hold the flame up to 600 degrees Celsius and summertemperatures up to 1,200 degrees Celsius.For the cold-resistant features, these clothes are able to withstand temperatures of up to minus 120 degrees Celsius.

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Everyone must know about airplanes, and even may have often boarded the plane for traveling. To add to the knowledge of the aircraft, please read this article:

The Wright brothers (Wright brothers), Orville, who was born on August 19, 1871 and died on 30 January 1948 and then his brother Wilbur, who was born on April 16 in 1867 and died 30 May 1912 are the two Americans who recorded the world as the inventor of the airplane because they managed to build a plane which first flew successfully flown and controlled by humans on December 17, 1903. Two years after their discovery, the two brothers developed the ‘glyph’ them to form aircraft taking wing as we now know it.

Although they are not the person who first made a trial or experimental aircraft, the Wright brothers were the first to discover control of the aircraft so that aircraft with wings attached rigid control.

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You’ll often see the astronauts from your television, but did you know the astronauts clothes made of any material and useĀ for the astronauts themselves, following his review:

As we know, the workplace astronaut is in space. There is no atmosphere, so that astronauts face the threat of harmful radiation from the sun. The radiation is not filtered by the atmosphere like when the earth. Therefore, astronaut suits designed to prevent the harmful radiation “touched” the astronaut’s body.

Each ingredient has a specific response to radiation. For example, if an ingredient is reflecting red radiation (wavelength 620-750 nm) and absorb other radiation, then the material will look red to our eyes. The same principle applies to other colors such as yellow (wavelengths 570-590 nm), green (495-570 nm wavelength), and blue (wavelength 450-495 nm).

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