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Advanced Combat Robot


Want to be a pilot a giant robot like in the movies?It seems now thatdesire can be realized.A company in Japan to create a giantrobot that can be controlled by the people in it.

Suidobashi HeavyIndustry Company based in Tokyo,creating a large-sized robot named Kuratas.Shaped like a robot combat is frightening.

And indeed this robot has advanced weaponssystem that is claimed to be firing 6000 rounds per minute.Pilots who are in it to control such weapons. Continue reading



Everyone must know about airplanes, and even may have often boarded the plane for traveling. To add to the knowledge of the aircraft, please read this article:

The Wright brothers (Wright brothers), Orville, who was born on August 19, 1871 and died on 30 January 1948 and then his brother Wilbur, who was born on April 16 in 1867 and died 30 May 1912 are the two Americans who recorded the world as the inventor of the airplane because they managed to build a plane which first flew successfully flown and controlled by humans on December 17, 1903. Two years after their discovery, the two brothers developed the ‘glyph’ them to form aircraft taking wing as we now know it.

Although they are not the person who first made a trial or experimental aircraft, the Wright brothers were the first to discover control of the aircraft so that aircraft with wings attached rigid control.

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You’ll often see the astronauts from your television, but did you know the astronauts clothes made of any material and useĀ for the astronauts themselves, following his review:

As we know, the workplace astronaut is in space. There is no atmosphere, so that astronauts face the threat of harmful radiation from the sun. The radiation is not filtered by the atmosphere like when the earth. Therefore, astronaut suits designed to prevent the harmful radiation “touched” the astronaut’s body.

Each ingredient has a specific response to radiation. For example, if an ingredient is reflecting red radiation (wavelength 620-750 nm) and absorb other radiation, then the material will look red to our eyes. The same principle applies to other colors such as yellow (wavelengths 570-590 nm), green (495-570 nm wavelength), and blue (wavelength 450-495 nm).

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Did you know that the rocket first created in China? Perhaps many of us who do not know this, the following review:

The first rocket was made in China in the 13th century. Since the beginning in China, the rocket was used as firecrackers / fireworks that can shot into the air to form a giant fireworks in the sky. Later developed into a rocket firecrackers and used as a means to carry payloads with the aim of war and peace.

At times of war, fireworks changed into a means launcher to fire arrows. This weapon is used among others China or Chin Tartar army to repel the attacks of the nation of Mongolia led by Kai Feng Fu in 1232.
Through the trade channel, knowledge of the manufacture of firecrackers to India and even to the western nations. Firecrackers in the hands of western nations developed into a rocket through a series of studies over the five centuries that since the 13th century until the 18th. Rocket name comes from the Italian Rocchetta (ie small fuse), the name of a small firecracker that was created by the Italian artificer Muratori in 1379.

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ATOM AND HISTORY his invention


During school we’ve learned about atoms and theirr use in life, be it for goodd or as weapons of mass destruction. And what about the history of the discoveryy of the atom itself, I am sure there are many people who do not know, here’s his review:

The development of atomic structure was donated by many scientists. Chronology of the atomic structure revealed the discovery of atomic particles and their arrangement in the atomm.

Atoms are the building blocks of all matterr. An atom consists of three particles – neutrons (no charge), protons (positively charged) and electrons (negatively charged). The numberr of protons present in the atom is called the atomic number, while the mass of the atom is the number of protons plus the average number of neutrons. Each different elements foundd in nature differ in the number of third-atomic particles. In general, atomic number used to define an element, for example, an element with atomicc number 8 is oxygen and vice versa. An element has a fixed number of protons, but can have varying numbers of neutrons. Atoms withh different numbers of neutrons are called as isotopes.

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In the days of fast-paced,people are required to move qquickly from one place to another to achieve the goall. This makes the man thoughtt to be creatingg a vehicle that can help people to move from one place to another quickly, were created the car, but do you know the history of the discoveryy of the car? This article will discuss the history of the inventionn of the automobile:

Car which was first discovered in the worldd is a car with steam power in 1801 developed by Cugnot.Inspiring the developmentt of this first car by Cugnot is from a carriage fitted with tires. Over time finally found the history of the first car in the world was followedd by a British citizen named Richard Trevithick.And finally steam-powered carr with progressing more rapidly again when it passed again in Brimingham,England by the Lunar Society.

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