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AOC AGON AG322QCX, Gaming Monitor 32 Inch 144Hz Curved With AMD FreeSync

Do you need an ideal display device to be juxtaposed with the power of your advanced gaming rig? Perhaps the presence of AGO AG322QCX latest gaming monitor made by AOC can be used as a reference.

Relying on support 2560 √ó 1440 screen resolution (QHD), 32-inch monitor is heralded carrying the curve 1800R and 16: 9 aspect ratio. In addition to being present in the VA display panel with a 4ms response time, a 300 cd / m2 brightness rating, and a 50 million: 1 contrast ratio, this latest gaming monitor also has a wider viewing angle (178 degrees vertical and horizontal), with 16 depth support, 7 million colors. Claimed as the first and foremost gaming monitor (as can be seen from its exquisite design presence with an integrated headset holder), the AOC AG322QCX supports a refresh rate of up to 144Hz when using DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 2.0.

When you connect via HDMI 1.4, you are limited to 75Hz at the maximum resolution supported. As for the selection of its own port, you will find a VGA port, two HDMI ports, two DisplayPort connections and two USB 3.0 ports, which are said to be more than enough to handle the various connectivity.

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Clear Data on Your Smartphone Tips

If you feel a smartphone you are using now does not suit your needs, it’s time you switch to another smartphone. Your old smartphone can be sold to the store or passed on to a family member. Previous good to delete important data that is in smartphones. No matter how small the data stored on the smartphone can be restored and could potentially be abused by people who are not responsible. Moreover, these data are very important to you. Anyone who will not willingly if the data is confidential or private in the smartphone recovered by others. You can take precautions so that they do not happen, here are some precautions you need to do:

1. iOS
Prior to reset the iPhone or iPad, iCloud account you need in signout first. This is done to deactivate the key activities that are connected with your iCloud account. After that, open the menu settings> general> reset. Then choose Erase all content and settings> Erase iPhone / iPad.
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Simplifies Navigation with Google Maps

Google Maps

Technology is growing rapidly, one of the benefits of technology was created to facilitate human life. Technology on smartphones is also growing, smartphones are now inseparable from its everyday life thanks to sharing application that allows them to move. One of them existing Google Maps application on your smartphone. Google maps is an application that can provide information on travel routes and navigation. By doing so, users can get to their destination. Continue reading

Volvo XC90, Car with Features Auto Pilot The Ready to present the Year 2017


Volvo, you would love to hear it.The rapid advancement of technology, to make all the activities easier. One is technology that is embedded in the vehicle wheel 4. After the introduction of electric cars more efficient fuel problem, there are now more innovations which make motorists more easily in a 4-wheel drive.

Such innovations are auto pilot, which is often found in aircraft.Auto pilot can make the vehicle drive themselves, even runs automatically to its intended purpose.


Reporting from Mashable,  reportedly one of the famous car manufacturer,Volvo, will pilot the cars made them, who planted the auto pilot in 2017. Volvo itself will make their home country, Sweden, as a place to test their cars.The car that will be deployed in the streets around Gothenburg, Sweden totaled 100 cars were ready to swing.

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Mobile Applications It Can Help to Stop Smoking Cigarette Addiction


Are you addicted to cigarettes?For those addicted to smoking, quitting smoking is the most difficult thing to do even though there has been a willingness to quit smoking.Realizing this, a group of medical students create a mobile application that can help addicts to quit smoking cigarettes.

The new application is classified using a unique way to help smokers quit smoking, the use of videos and games. Software designed by medical students using elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT),which is a popular treatment conversation that can help change the way of thinking and acting.

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