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Researchers In Japan Develop AIs That Can Detect Colon Cancer In Less Than One Seconds

One important thing that is often overlooked by many people is medical tests. Most of the people who are reluctant to conduct medical tests are for fear, where test results can be good or bad news. But the thing that is most considered worrying is when waiting for the results of medical tests. Now no need to wait long to find out the results of medical tests because researchers in Japan have developed AI that can detect cancer in a short time.

A group of researchers in Japan have succeeded in developing software that can detect bowel cancer walam less than a second or even faster. During their trial, AI appears to be successful because it can see colorectal adenomas, which are basically benign tumors that have the potential to develop into cancer, from enlarged endoscopic images.

Sophistication The artificial intelligence system is trained by researchers by matching images to 30,000 others during the run of the learning machine, allowing the system to quickly identify what could become cancer and what may not be cancer. Presenting results at the United European Gastroenterology Week in Barcelona, ​​Spain, study leader Dr Yuichi Mori from Showa University in Yokohama, Japan believes that this could save patients without having to undergo surgery.

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The ship is called The Harmony of the Seas, currently under construction at the STX shipyard in France near St. Nazaire. With the early stages of the exterior construction is completed, the vessel was floated into dry dock during the weekend to begin work on the interior.

When completed, the ship will have 16 decks, with a weight of 227 tons gross registered and more than 1,187 feet long – 164 feet longer than the height of the Eiffel Tower.


According to Royal Caribbean, the vessel will have seven regions, including Central Park, Boardwalk, the Royal Promenade, a swimming pool, sports zone and the zone of young children, with a carrying capacity of more than 5,400 people and 2,747 cabins.

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PASSENGER AIRCRAFT largest and most luxurious


Do you know the largest and most luxurious passenger plane today? I am sure you know, or may ever ride, following his review:

Airbus A380 manufactured by Airbus SAS is an aircraft with cabin 2 level are able to carry 850 passengers in a class sat or 555 passengers in a three-class configuration. These aircraft carry out the maiden flight on 27 April 2005 and has started its commercial flights in late 2007 by Singapore Airlines after being postponed several times. This aircraft is also the largest passenger aircraft ever made.


The Airbus A380 has four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 is capable of delivering a thrust 36 280 kg or four turbo fan engine Engine Alliance GP 7200 (a joint venture of General Electric with Pratt & Whitney, with a thrust of 37 003 kg.

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The A380 has the standard version of the 854 seats for the passenger, while the A380-900 has 1000 seats for passengers. on the plane, there are shopping centers, children’s playground, and even spa-jacuzzi, casino and other facilities (all of these facilities are provided as an option, depending on the order airline). Hopefully this article useful to you and your family, thank you.


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