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Top Reasons to Separate Oil and Water in a Compressor

You cannot mix oil and water is a common saying that you can experience for yourself at home. If you fill a glass with water and add a few drops of oil to the top, you’ll find that the oil just sits on the surface of the water and that it does not mix with that liquid. When you work in a manufacturing facility that uses one or more compressors, you will find that you need oil water separators because these tools do a few important things for you beyond just separating the water from the oil.

Extend Compressor Life

The most important reason to invest in a separator is because it will extend the life of your compressor. When you allow the oil and water to flow through at the same rate, you risk the oil leaving behind a slick film that wears down all the internal parts. If you use oil for lubrication, you also risk the water pushing that oil off faster than it should, which will require that you waste time and money on more oil. Using a separator lets you use the right ratio and separate the two liquids to extend the life of the compressor.

Test the Water

Some of the newest models on the market now come with an optional water testing feature that can help you test that liquid on a regular basis. You might use the testing kit to find out whether there is an oil in the water, which lets you know if the separator works properly, but you can also use the kit to see if there are any impurities in the water that might damage the compressor. Those impurities can damage other tools and products on your manufacturing line too.

Stop Overflow

It takes just one overflow for you to realize just how many problems water can cause. When too much water reaches your line, it can damage all the electrical components and create a slick floor that your workers can slide across. As they have a difficult time walking and moving across the line, workers can suffer from some common injuries. Some of the newer separators come with an overflow alarm that automatically alerts you at the first sign of an overflow. With separators designed for use with water and oil, you can save money running your manufacturing facility.

How to Clean a Gun Fast and Efficiently

There’s little doubt, owning a gun is a big responsibility and something that requires knowing gun safety as well as making sure that your firearms are secure. Additionally, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary if you want to keep your gun in top condition.

Supplies You’ll Need for a Fast and Efficient Cleaning

To clean your gun, you’re going to need a few gun cleaning supplies, such as a cleaning rod, a jag or loop, cotton patches, a cleaning brush, and cleaning fluid. There are also some supplies that aren’t absolutely necessary, but can be a big help when it comes to cleaning your firearms. For example, a cleaning cradle is a convenient way to hold a rifle or other firearm. It can certainly make cleaning much easier. A cleaning pad is also handy because it not only gives you a soft surface that will keep your gun parts in one place, but it can also prevent cleaning solvents from ruining your table or work surface.

Where to Get Quality Cleaning Supplies

Finding cleaning supplies is usually quite easy. They are readily available from many local retailers, ranging from big discount centers to home improvement stores as well as retailers specializing in sporting goods. Of course, for a great selection and maximum convenience, there are many online retailers, such as Militaria Press, that sell the quality cleaning supplies that you need.

How to Clean a Gun

Before you begin, make sure your gun isn’t loaded and that it is pointed in a safe direction. The first step is to get to know your gun. If you didn’t receive a manual with your gun, you can often find one online. Some disassembly will usually be required, but you’ll also want to know what points will need to be lubricated.

To start cleaning the barrel, attach a bore brush to the cleaning rod; add a little solvent to the brush. Next, work the brush up and down through the barrel; you might need to add a little more solvent as you work. Once the bore is clean, remove the brush and add a patch to the rod, switch to a new patch until they come out fairly clean. Once the bore is clean, add a little lubricant to a clean patch and run it through the bore.

You can clean other parts of your gun and wipe it with a clean cloth. Follow the recommended cleaning for your particular type of firearm.

When you want to keep your guns looking and working their best, regular cleaning is definitely important. Learn how to properly care for your firearms and they will last for many years. In fact, proper maintenance and cleaning are key to the longevity of your gun.

Stay Safe with the Right Material Handling Equipment

If you ever stop to think about the number of times an item is handled from the time it begins its manufacturing process until it is delivered to the end user, you could be surprised. If you look not only at the unit as a whole, but at all the components that go into the finally assembly, you will be even more amazed.

Material handling is something that must be done properly in order to make sure it is done efficiently and safely. This includes making sure the right material handling equipment is available and utilized properly. If it isn’t, damage to the product can occur and the people are at risk for injury. Things like back strains or being struck by falling items are inevitable without safe equipment and proper operating procedures.

Companies like McDal, that has electric chain hoists for sale, can make sure you have what you need for the application. Hoists can be invaluable pieces of equipment at times. There are locations that are simply not accessible for forklifts. In many of these places, the lack of space does not take away the need for vertical lifting of parts and equipment. In these places, chain hoists are the answer. However, proper operation of a hoist is not as simple as installing it and forgetting about it. There are other things that must be implemented as part of the operational procedures to maintain safety.

When you buy a hoist, whether it is new or refurbished, you will notice that it has a capacity label on it. The unit should never be used in attempt to lift an item that weighs more than what is indicated on this label. In fact, before making the purchase of a hoist, a careful calculation of the maximum weight to be lifted should be made and a hoist purchased that has a capacity that exceeds this number.

Once the hoist is put into place, it is important that it be load tested periodically in order to make sure it remains safe to use when lifting the indicated weights. If it fails the load test, it is to be taken out of service until it is repaired or replaced.

People who are operating the unit must be properly trained. They will need to know how to rig and lift the load properly. They will also need to know how to inspect their chains and slings that they will be using to make the lift, as well as how to ensure that the hoist is operating as it should. The company from which you make you purchase should be able to help with your training needs. They can also help you make the right selection.

Battery Gadget Durable and Long Lasting

Smartphone Batteries

Smartphone Batteries

Battery smartphones, tablets, or laptops in re-charge have age limits vary. You can shorten or lengthen the age, depending on how to care for her. Most suggested more users regularly taking power so the battery does not work too hard.

Here are simple tips to keep the battery gadget durable and long lasting for years:

1. Use the tools of quality charge.
One head with many branches charge cable is practical to carry everywhere. You can recharge multiple devices at once without bringing a lot of head charge. You need to know that the power supply to the batteries of electronic devices must be stable. Connecting the head of charge with many wires will create unstable power flow, can suddenly suddenly small or large. If you have resorted to using the tool charge with stout cord, make sure you buy the accessories of the brand whose quality has been tested.

2. Note the cycle of charging.
Some devices indicate health information batteries in the settings option or Settings. Listed there how many cycles of recharge the battery until performance is deteriorated. Therefore, you should not be wasting ration cycle recharge the battery. Do not install and remove the charge if not necessary. If you decide to pulled-charge, do not pull it out in the middle. Therefore, it will donate a refill cycle, when the battery is not fully charged. Continue reading

As a Professional Camera Photo Only With Your Smartphone Camera

Smartphone Camera

Now wherever you are, you can capture the precious moment. With advances in technology, the smartphone is now able to produce beautiful images. Ten years ago, the camera on the phone only as a complementary tool. Now even many mobile phone manufacturers are competing to equip their devices with cutting-edge camera. It is now commonly seen, the lens is typically used in digital cameras, is also used in a camera phone. With the pixel and sensor are greater and the ability to take a picture that is more fascinating, supported lightweight and compact size, makes the phone one of the favorites in the photograph. Well, here are some tips to take a picture using a smartphone to catch pictures like a professional photographer.

1. Maximize Setting the Camera
Maximizing auto of smartphone cameras, by recognizing each function; such as iso aperture and shutter speed.

2. Use Timer & Hold Breath
Use a timer and hold the breath. So, when a key is pressed and when the timer starts running withhold the breath, the results will be more stable.

3. Take a Different Angle
One place will be a different look, with different viewpoints. Leave a corner of a million people, which will probably only look good, but do not look wow. A photo will be remembered for good. However, it will be much more remembered because it has a special characteristic. And special features that will be obtained either by an unusual angle.

4. Use Application Edit Photos
Provided it does not change what is produced by your picture, such as the original leaf color green to pink like cherry or making solar applications, the use of photo editing is still in a valid category. An application usage to increase saturation, lighting, or darken an image, is not unlawful in the world of photography.

5. Moment is Excess
In addition to the angle photography, is also a moment that made the ‘value’ added a photo. Moments like sunset or sunrise can be used as a value-added photo.

6. Using Additional Tools
The use of a tripod, a macro lens wide angle lens or a zoom lens so that the better the maximum.

Use Smart Umbrella

Kafya smart umbrella

For Muslims suggested the Hajj in Saudi Arabia.  Hajj performed in the heat of the sun that illuminates the desert country. Muslims gather more than three million Muslims from around the world to Saudi Arabia. The Government of Saudi Arabia has always reminded to always use an umbrella during worship.

The heat of the weather in Mecca and its surroundings can make the human body feel more tired and dehydrated. By using protective headgear or umbrella, pilgrims can carry out the service with more comfort.

Now, a Palestinian Arab company that calls itself a knowledge-base, creating a more sophisticated umbrella. It called “Kafya” or “smart umbrella” that would protect the user from the sun, by absorbing the sun’s energy. The absorbed energy is converted into electricity via solar panels are connected at the end of the umbrella.

all in one umbrella

The electrical energy is then stored in the handle. Not only that, the sophistication of the electricity can be used to turn on the flashlight, fan, and GPS (Global Positioning System). The handle of the umbrella is also equipped with a USB slot, so it can be used to charge the phone and laptop. “Umbrella is specially created for the pilgrims. This stuff can help them to find the location of other participants,” said co-discoverer Kafya, Manal Danis. Kafya very helpful and now pilgrims could worship in peace and comfort.

Ammonia Production Process Using Help Light

Ammonia Production Process Using Help Light

All living things need nitrogen to survive. But during this time, living beings can only use nitrogen after the termination of the strong bond through nitrogen. Termination of the strong bond of nitrogen that is already known there are only two kinds of processes. One of the bonding process of termination of the naturally occurring nitrogen is by utilizing the aid of bacteria which had long since farmers depend on the process. The second process is the Haber-Bosch process that has been discovered over a century ago that revolutionized the production of fertilizers and spur the growth of crops for global food supply.

The process of using light to once again revolutionize agriculture, while reducing dependence on world food supplies on fossil fuels, and reduce pollution resulting from the Haber-Bosch process. Research shows photochemical energy can replace adenosine triphosphate, which is typically used to convert dinitrogen which is a form of nitrogen found in the air and ammonia which is the main ingredient of commercially produced fertilizers.

Haber-Bosch process is currently consuming about two per cent of the supply of fossil fuels in the world. Thus, the new process which we found to be very helpful, because it does not require fossil fuels. We used a nanometer scale material to capture light energy. The research we found use direct light to make the catalyst, so that it becomes far more energy efficient. The new ammonia production process is the first process that shows how light energy can be directly worked to make the catalyst that serves to break the dinitrogen, which means sunlight or artificial light can be used as power initiate the reaction replacing fossil fuels.

Energy-efficient production of ammonia not only provide a promising opportunity for food production, but also for the development of technologies that enable fuel substitute safer alternatives and cleaner for the environment. The present invention can also be directed to the improvement of fuel cells for storing solar energy.

4 Tips for Buying Electronic Parts


Electronic parts are used in everything from toy cars to military radios, but what if you’ve never purchased them before? How can you look at their ubiquity and figure out which parts are the best for you? Here are just a few tips for finding, choosing and installing the right electronic parts.

1. Know Where To Go

You wouldn’t shop in an auto garage if you needed computers parts, so if you’re looking for semiconfuctor manufacturing equipment, don’t shop somewhere that only sells aviation battery packs. You can’t get anything done without knowing what you need to make it happen, so use your time wisely and only look in the right places and through the right catalogues.

2. Keep Your Budget In Mind

If you haven’t already calculated a budget for your electronic parts, stop what you’re doing and get it done right away. Not only will this give you a better idea of what price ranges to browse, but it will also prevent you from making impulse decisions that will put you in the red. Try to give yourself two numbers when you go shopping: the first should be a suggestion, and the second should be a hard limit.

3. Research Companies and Brands

How long has that supply store been in business? Do they have any well-known clients that they list on the front page of their website? Have their products been reviewed by a diverse group of people across the web? You never want to be someone’s first customer, so look for companies, corporations and brands with a clear and established presence in the industry.

4. Read the Warranty

It’s always a good idea to read the fine print before swiping your credit card. For example, if a company is going to make you pay for return shipping in the event of product defects or delivery damage, you might not want to buy from them at all. You’ll also want to check your warranty for things like deadlines and void actions. If it expires in six months or whenever you uninstall it for the first time, you’ll want to know in advance.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop for electronic parts. Remember, some of them aren’t as easily returned as a pair of unwanted socks, so make sure you’re choosing right the first time.

Finding the Reviews to Get the Best Vacuum Cleaner

38If you think to take care of the great condition of your house is something so easy to do, well, it seems that you have never dealt with housewife works. Just ask any housewife. To take care of the house is actually a tiring thing to do. It seems that there are too many things to do and there is no end to it. Even for just about the home cleaning matter, it is already troublesome for you.

That is why you need to have the right tool to make things easier for you to deal with. Using vacuum cleaner can become the greatest alternative for you. It is going to give you ease in cleaning the house. However, whenever you are ready to get the vacuum cleaner from the stores out there, you realize that there are too many options you can choose. This is really confusing indeed. How can you make sure that you will get the right vacuum cleaner which will give the best satisfaction to you? Don’t you think it is going to be helpful if you can find some reviews so you can determine which product is the best for you? can become the source of reviews for you.

Here, you can find the reviews along with the recommendations of the greatest vacuum cleaner. It is also possible for you to find the comparisons of certain products with the others. Therefore, it is going to be easier for you. For instance, you can find the comparison of Shark Rotator NV752 with the other competitors. It can give you some kind of second opinion whether the Shark Rotator is good enough for you compared to the other products. By learning the reviews, you are going to reduce the chance for you to be disappointed later on. Don’t you think it is wise for you to get the reviews first before buying?

Full System Fly-by-wire


In the decades after the Wrightbrothers first flight,all aircraft used mechanical and hydraulic control systems.The pilot controls the aircraft by using a direct style.The trick is to move the sticks and rudder pedals are connected by steel ropes and the pushrod to move the control surfaces on the wings and tail.

When power from the engine and improved speed, it takes a greater force,and the system is used to help hydraulic. Thus, all aircraft with large size and high performance has a system of hydro-mechanical flight control.These conventional flight controlsystems to limit the aircraftengineer when doing configuration and design in relation to the stability of flying.

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