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You Can Now Play YouTube Videos Directly In WhatsApp

Previously there was a leak from WABetaInfo that said if the WhatsApp app would support “YouTube live from the WhatsApp chat room, it’s true that Now WhatappApp app has supported YouTube video playback right from the app.” Of course this feature is quite useful considering other messenger services like Viber already offers similar features.

For those of you who are not so familiar with this feature, basically inline YouTube playback allows users to watch YouTube videos in the chat itself. ‘So if your friend sends a YouTube video link in chat you can instantly see it without having to switch to the YouTube app or browser if the device does not have the YouTube app installed.

This update also introduces the support of picture-in-picture, which means that if you watch the video ‘YouTube in chat but want to continue chatting, no need to worry because the video will follow you for other chats as well. In addition, there is also the ability to record Voice Messages with long durations without pressing and holding the microphone button.

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What Is Crypto Speech?

Have you ever heard about crypto speech? Perhaps, you may not be familiar with it right not but you are highly recommended to know about this matter even further especially if you are looking for a kind of method to store your message for eternity. Before we talk even further about crypto speech, let’s make sure that you are familiar with Twitter. You don’t have to have a Twitter account. At least, you know what it is and how it works.

Well, to make it simpler, crypto speech is similar to Twitter. But, it can be said that crypto speech is the basic version compared to Twitter. At this point, you may think that there won’t be any interesting features if we are talking about a very basic version compared to Twitter, so, what’s the point in talking and knowing further about crypto speech? You need to know that the way how the messages are stored in crypto speech is different. They are stored on Ethereumblockchain. With that in mind, you should also know that any account can post a message as long as it’s on testnet or Ethereummainnet. Even further, since the storage is different, you must understand that the message will be stored forever. In addition to the contents of the message, the detail of the message sent like when it was sent is also going to be stored. That is why, even the website is not online anymore, the message can still be retrieved and accessed.

This is totally different from Twitter. If, Twitter is offline, there is no way for you to access your posts and messages anymore. You have understood about this matter now right? What do you think about it? For some people, this kind of message storing method is going to be useful. If you are the part of those people, well, you should have got the information you need, right?

You Can not Draw? Google AutoDraw Can Help Your Scratching Be a Cool Illustration!

Google’s latest GoogleArtificial Intelligence(A.I.)is now fun for friends who want to create graphic design, but have no talent for drawing or making shapes.Because,any kind of graffiti that we torehkan, can instantly turn into a good illustration.Interesting right?

AutoDraw can directly try friends on the page me,it helps if we need a quick draw.For example when you want to create an invitation, add illustrations, or give an interesting accent while social media.

Google launches AutoDraw today, a continuation of the Quick Picture game experiment, Draw! Which is also on the Google AI page.Experiments. We are asked to draw an object quickly. When the machine is Quick,Draw!Can recognize our image,meaning our picture is sufficient in accordance with the general description of the object.

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How to Save and Convert SWF Cartoons with Movavi Screen Capture Studio


Some of the SWF cartoons out there are really very enjoyable, and maybe you’ve been thinking about saving them so you can watch them on your computer without having to be online. That presents two problems however, the first being the fact that there is no real option to allow you to save SWF, and the second being that SWF is a format that is incompatible with many devices and often requires a specialized player.

The good news is that you can get around both these problems in one fell swoop using Movavi Screen Capture Studio. All you need to do is set it up to record the SWF cartoon while it is playing on your screen and then you can save it and convert it into any video format you require – turning it into a SWF converter of sorts.

Don’t worry about how difficult it will be, as using Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record SWF cartoons from your screen really just takes a few steps:

  1. Resize and reposition the capture frame to encompass the SWF cartoon that you want to record.
  2. Check that the audio source is set to ‘System Audio’ and has a green tick on it (click it once if it does not).
  3. Click ‘REC’ to start recording as the cartoon starts to play.
  4. Click ‘Stop’ when the cartoon is done and then ‘Save’ to select a format and save it.

If you feel like you want to use the SWF cartoons that you’ve recorded using Movavi Screen Capture Studio on a specific device, just select the preset for that device or platform instead. Before you do that however, you may also want to edit your video and trim out any unnecessary segments, improve the overall video quality, or correct any mistakes in the recording.

Make no mistake, if you dig deeper you’ll find that Movavi Screen Capture Studio can do much more. In fact it comes with a comprehensive suite of video editing tools so you can apply special effects, insert audio tracks, add customizable text, and much more.

At the end of the day however, when it comes to saving and converting SWF cartoons there is really no easier way to do so. Considering the process itself is so straightforward, it probably won’t take you long to start saving all your favorite SWF cartoons so you can watch them much more conveniently.

RPRNMag Newsmagazine to Bring Business Solutions to Entrepreneurs With News Stories & Sponsored Content


Magazine to focus on business tips and trends

SAN FRANCISCO – RushPRNews’s publishing company today announced the launch of RPRNmag newsmagazine, a newsmagazine that better responds to entrepreneurs’ need for business news, tips, and trends. Not just a home for published newsworthy articles, the newsmagazine will offer marketing tools and solutions such as access to media lists, detailed metrics and press clippings, advertorials, white label corporate newsrooms, and full campaign management.

The publishing world and public relations have undergone several transformations over the past decade, and they are continuing to change more every year as newer technologies disrupt traditional models. Most importantly, individuals today have been empowered by the ability to broadcast and communicate with their peers through social networks, while companies have been gifted the opportunity to establish open lines of communication with their audience. But there’s one thing that has remained the same: coverage of the news by credible sources is invaluable to reinforcing the way brands are perceived.

As opposed to traditional newswires, which publish press releases and other announcements regardless of quality, RPRNmag only publishes legitimate, newsworthy material, and will go as far as not accepting press releases for publication. The business newsmagazine features great editorial content created by writers who want to make a name for themselves. Supplementing text-based articles, RPRNmag will also feature media-rich content, including infographics, videos from YouTube and Vimeo, podcasts and more.

RPRNmag newsmagazine will accept news stories, and other sponsored content in a wide variety of formats, including video, infographics, articles, and podcasts. The publication will highlight daily featured articles with gorgeous front page images while aggregating the rest of the content in an attractive layout consisting of large images, graphics, and videos. In addition to publishing articles, RPRNmag also offers content marketers and businesses several other collaboration options, including advertorials, social media promotion, and product reviews.

Sponsored content to be covered in RPRNmag will cover many different topics, including Business, Crowdfunding, Technology, Environment, Public Affairs, Entertainment, Tourism, Lifestyle, and Sports.

“Innovation is everywhere, and the world of public relations is not immune,” said Anne Howard, Publisher of RPRNmag newsmagazine and founder and lead strategist of AH Marketing Group. “The PR industry has changed time and time again in response to the latest and greatest social, mobile, and cloud disruptions. I’m thrilled to be launching RPRNmag, a new, beautiful business newsmagazine dedicated to sharing real, quality news that people will want to read—created by you and about your news.”

Anne Howard, CEO of RPRNmag, comes with great publishing experience, as she formerly served as Canadian Editor of Hollywood Today newsmagazine and regularly contributed to VatorNews and other top-tier publications.

All news stories published on RPRN newsmagazine are picked up by over 100 U.S. Internet publications, including the Boston Globe, Miami Herald, International Business Times, DigitalWire, WRAL, StreetInsiders, and LA Daily News.


At launch, RPRNmag newsmagazine boasts 12,020 subscribers (75% in the U.S, 20% in Canada, and 5% in the U.K.). It has over 6,000  Instagram followers, 7,000 Twitter and close to 6,000 Facebook fans and growing daily.

About RPRNmag newsmagazine

RPRNmag is a business newsmagazine powered by the full-service marketing agency AH Marketing Group ( We publish newsworthy stories in varied formats and offers marketing tools and solutions such as access to media lists, detailed metrics and press clippings, advertorials, white label corporate newsrooms and full campaign management. Additionally, RPRNmag is a parent company to the newswire RushPRNews, founded in 2005.

A Better Way to Learn Everything about SAP BW

sapKnowledge and application about SAP BW is not something owned and can be done by everyone at this point of time. On the other hand, job vacancies related to it seems to get higher from time to time and of course it is something not to miss since it is quite promising. The question then is: can everyone, especially those who have interest in learning further about SAP Business Warehouse and all things related to it, such as making analysis, interpretation, and report on business data, get a good chance to learn about the subject? If they do can, where should they learn about it without wasting too much time on the learning progress?

The fact should be known in this situation is that actually right now there are quite a lot of learning centers focusing mostly on SAP BW training. Certainly, this training is mainly purposed for people mentioned earlier in the previous part. This kind of training will certainly create more people with better ability in SAP Business Warehouse, who is actually needed by quite a lot of companies at this point of time.

The best thing about SAP BW training is not only located in the knowledge and ability that will be obtained. It is also located in some other benefits can be obtained by all trainees. For example, a lot of training center offering online class right now so there is no need to go anywhere to join in each class to discuss about all materials needed. Besides, the learning time is also very flexible since this can be chose by each trainee. The last but not least example benefit is that each course will be given by expert. For further information about the best way to learn about SAP BW, you can just simply Visit Here.

Easily Find the Perfect Place to Hold Your Important Meeting

appWhenever you are trying to hold a meeting with such important people, indeed, you need to make sure that everything related to the meeting can be done perfectly. You can risk to be inept in this matter because it may affect your own career. You don’t want to disappoint the people whom you are going to have the meeting with and thus, it will affect the outcome of the meeting right? That is why, it can be said that to get the right place for the meeting is a half way there to determine the great outcome of your meeting.

However, whenever you are trying to find the right place for your meeting, you may find that it is not really that easy. There are surely so many places which can become your alternatives but you may not really know which place is the best for you. Not to mention, if you are in need for urgent place to hold the meeting, you may find that things can be a lot much more complicated for you. Well, to make sure that you can deal with everything as proper as possible, basically, you can count on the help offered by the technology. What you need to have is Bizly. It is a kind of application which can be installed on your phone and once you do that, you can find that things can be a lot much easier for you. This application will make it easier for you to find the right places to hold your meeting. It is already in your hand. All you need to do is to activate the application and everything will be handled properly. You can also use the application by filtering the search. Therefore, the result of the search will really be suitable with what you want.

If you think those features are not really that enough for you, just take a look at how the application is able to make sure that you can book the place right away directly from the app. How easy it is for you! And yes, it is also possible for you to book the place in the great hotels which can be used for your place to hold the meeting. It can be said that the process to get the right place for your meeting doesn’t take a lot of time. It can be done instantly and without any doubt, there is no way for the people who will come to your meeting to be disappointed. Now that you have understood the greatness of this application, you need to make sure that you have it on your phone right away. This app can be used in your Apple gadget. Therefore, you can get it from iTunes. So, what are you waiting anymore? By considering the explanation mentioned before, getting the app can help you to determine the greatness of your business because you can make certain that your meeting can be held perfectly as well. You will not be troubled and the result will surely be satisfying for both you and the people who will come to your meeting.

Create an Application for Your Business

36Cellular phones are definitely for carrying information to every other the most desirable innovation. They will be the trustworthy apparatus for calling and obtaining, we’re able to go far with a number of other functions like chatting, browsing Internet, checking e-mails, as well as making trades via bank account and buying things online, which all may be performed through smart phones and so are eased with such types of programs using which, you can conserve lots of time. One such company is Novus App, and they excel as a mobile app development companies.

There aren’t many challenges facing the committed cellular programmers team as well as the offshore mobile programmers business they’ve-

1. Developing programs which uses up less bandwidth and minimal battery power to offer quick user experience.

2. Programs must support various cellular instruments and operating systems.

3. Assembling cellular programs to enhance payment gateways for easier on-line transaction.

Mainly, these hurdles are extremely hard to surpass and it is therefore essential hire programmers that are committed, passionate, and excels in this field. There’s a top competition in marketplace to supply greatest programs for smart phones as well as for this an organization must hire the ingenuity, but in addition cellular programmers who not only possess the encounter and innovation to make something different and new each time. But before your offshore firm beginning using their jobs that are cellular, you have to understand your prospective customers and business conditions clearly. Listed here are a few ideas around the same:

– Before you hire professionals mobile application programmers, you need to stand clear in your intended customer. You’ll find lots of offshore firms that want to require any and every sort of job and contains no clear focus on their eyesight and targets that are prime. You’ll find a variety of type of mobile programs, for instance, traveling business process programs, games, websites, social media and a lot more. Then we are able to blow off some attribute like weather report tellings which would be for voyagers if you’re targeting an application for the gamers.

To hire programmers that are cellular in the very best available rates in the Indian market that is large isn’t a job that is difficult anymore.

However there are a large number of mobile programmers firm supplying various services in an extensive array of costs. In case your home is in America, it’s possible for you to hire committed cellular programmers in a cost less than half. However, before a deal closes, do appropriate study on the markets on which it’s skilled as well as the background of the organization. It’s always easier to locate a firm which can offer you finish to end solutions and has more experience in jobs.

Mobile Applications It Can Help to Stop Smoking Cigarette Addiction


Are you addicted to cigarettes?For those addicted to smoking, quitting smoking is the most difficult thing to do even though there has been a willingness to quit smoking.Realizing this, a group of medical students create a mobile application that can help addicts to quit smoking cigarettes.

The new application is classified using a unique way to help smokers quit smoking, the use of videos and games. Software designed by medical students using elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT),which is a popular treatment conversation that can help change the way of thinking and acting.

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