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Reasons The plane is struck by lightning


Birds and planes are both flying in the sky.Both are potentiallystruck by lightning.Here’s an explanation of sophistication anti-lightning system on the aircraft.The possibility of the plane struck by lightning is always there. However,aircraft equipped with the system StaticDischarge (SD) in the body.This makes the possibility of a lightning strike aircraft to be very small, especially modern planes.

Lightningoccurs because of differences in electric charge in the air, due to friction between the clouds or objects with the air of static electric charge arising on the thing.As with the plane, while moving in the air will cause staticelectricity in the fuselage.However,the SD immediately dispose of electricity in the air, so less likely struck. If the SD does not work, the plane could have been struck by lightning and could result from disruption of communications and aircraft navigationequipment to burn in air, although the incidence is very rare.

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Full System Fly-by-wire


In the decades after the Wrightbrothers first flight,all aircraft used mechanical and hydraulic control systems.The pilot controls the aircraft by using a direct style.The trick is to move the sticks and rudder pedals are connected by steel ropes and the pushrod to move the control surfaces on the wings and tail.

When power from the engine and improved speed, it takes a greater force,and the system is used to help hydraulic. Thus, all aircraft with large size and high performance has a system of hydro-mechanical flight control.These conventional flight controlsystems to limit the aircraftengineer when doing configuration and design in relation to the stability of flying.

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TRX concept, Stealth Aircraft Future


Do you know the U-2,a spy plane USA are well known and will soon be deactivated?U-2 spy plane is capable of flying at an altitude of more than 70 thousand feet!Dragon Fly is his nickname,describing this as a dragon fly aircraft that are ready appear in any area in the world without bias detected by enemy radar.U-2 was going to retire,but his replacement is now being prepared Lockheed Martin and be ready to operate in 2025. TRX, name spy plane future of the United States. The aircraft is designed not only do a spy mission,but also capable of electronic warfare and equipped with a laser-based weapons system!

Just like U-2,TRX was designed to fly at an altitude of more than 70 thousand feet and may also use the F118 engine, the same as used by the U-2. According to rumors, the appearance of both types of aircraft are relatively common, but as mentioned above, TRX equipped with the latest technology,one of which is the ability to coordinate with the various NATO warplanes. To be sure, the TRX is “stealth” than the U-2.Americans have learned from the experience of 1960 and 1962 when a U-2 plane shot hanud Soviet artillery. A modern spy plane is not enough to simply rely on spectacular heights because of the latest types of missiles are already capable of reaching it. A spy plane must be very, very modern “stealth”.

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The most advanced and most expensive fighter aircraft


Many advanced fighter aircraft and expensive in the world, but if the most sophisticated combat aircraft today? Here’s his review:

F-35 has a complete capability. Starting from nan advanced stealth capability, supersonic speed, extreme agility, radar scramblers, and sensor fusion technology is superb. This aircraft is claimed to attack air-to-air, air-to-ground, reconnaissance, monitoring, until reconnaissance mission.


This aircraft was designed with the ability to share data with other aircraft. Helmet pilot can see an area of ​​360 degrees.

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RUSSIA AND CHINA TO DEVELOP drones stealth aircraft Obliteration

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We all know that the United States and Russia are always competitive in all respects, including in terms of military weapons systems. If America has the most advanced stealth pessawat, then Russia made Obliteration of the stealth aircraft, such as whether the Obliteration of the stealth aircraft?

Keck Zarchary analysts wrote in The Nasional Interest, that neither Beijing nor Moscow has started to developp drones or unmanned aerial vehicles aimed discover, detect, and may even eliminate the enemy stealth fighter jet.

Advanced drones are being developed China was calledd the Divine Eagle. Popular Science also review defense equipment projects in China. “The ability (drones) anti- (jet) can be used againstt the stealth fighter aircraft, such as B-2 bombers and warships such as destroyers DDG-1000. Chinese Air Force can quickly intercept enemy aircraft hidden, before missiles and ships (the enemy) appeared in various mainland, “the media review was yesterdayy reported by Business Insider.

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PASSENGER AIRCRAFT largest and most luxurious


Do you know the largest and most luxurious passenger plane today? I am sure you know, or may ever ride, following his review:

Airbus A380 manufactured by Airbus SAS is an aircraft with cabin 2 level are able to carry 850 passengers in a class sat or 555 passengers in a three-class configuration. These aircraft carry out the maiden flight on 27 April 2005 and has started its commercial flights in late 2007 by Singapore Airlines after being postponed several times. This aircraft is also the largest passenger aircraft ever made.


The Airbus A380 has four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 is capable of delivering a thrust 36 280 kg or four turbo fan engine Engine Alliance GP 7200 (a joint venture of General Electric with Pratt & Whitney, with a thrust of 37 003 kg.

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The A380 has the standard version of the 854 seats for the passenger, while the A380-900 has 1000 seats for passengers. on the plane, there are shopping centers, children’s playground, and even spa-jacuzzi, casino and other facilities (all of these facilities are provided as an option, depending on the order airline). Hopefully this article useful to you and your family, thank you.


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