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Researchers In Japan Develop AIs That Can Detect Colon Cancer In Less Than One Seconds

One important thing that is often overlooked by many people is medical tests. Most of the people who are reluctant to conduct medical tests are for fear, where test results can be good or bad news. But the thing that is most considered worrying is when waiting for the results of medical tests. Now no need to wait long to find out the results of medical tests because researchers in Japan have developed AI that can detect cancer in a short time.

A group of researchers in Japan have succeeded in developing software that can detect bowel cancer walam less than a second or even faster. During their trial, AI appears to be successful because it can see colorectal adenomas, which are basically benign tumors that have the potential to develop into cancer, from enlarged endoscopic images.

Sophistication The artificial intelligence system is trained by researchers by matching images to 30,000 others during the run of the learning machine, allowing the system to quickly identify what could become cancer and what may not be cancer. Presenting results at the United European Gastroenterology Week in Barcelona, ​​Spain, study leader Dr Yuichi Mori from Showa University in Yokohama, Japan believes that this could save patients without having to undergo surgery.

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Upcoming Windows 10 Laptops Will Be Supported Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 & Super Durable Battery

After a long wait, the presence of Windows 10 laptop powered by Qualcomm’s flagship mobile processor, Snapdragon 835, was officially announced by Microsoft through its participation in the annual Qualcomm 5G Summit held this week in Hong Kong. One interesting piece of information that could be mentioned is related to the battery life of devices that supposedly can last longer than a day of operation without the recharging of batteries (charge).

Equipped with battery support that can last more than a full day is still not very common in the laptop world, although there are advantages made in recent years. Just take Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon for example, the laptop is reportedly able to operate nonstop almost 9 hours in a trial video home that is playing to test the laptop battery life. Most of the laptops reportedly not one could approach it, but Microsoft seems so optimistic with what it has done.

As said by Pete Bernard, Principal Group Manager for Connectivity Partners at Microsoft, to Trust Review some time ago, the battery life on this upcoming laptop is “very good”. The battery life of more than a day is expected to be a new breakthrough that will change the development of mobile computing, and that’s what Bernard can describe. Not only promising for consumers, but of course also for developers to continue to exist.

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Dragonfly Cyborg Movement Remotely Named DragonflEye

More and more Technology is progressing rapidly in all areas. Drone technology is increasingly sophisticated and will continue to grow. The latest evidence is a cyborg dragonfly called DragonflEye. This cyborg dragonfly is the result of research conducted by Charles Stark Draper Laboratory along with Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Like a cyborg, DragonflEye is a modified dragonfly body. The researchers managed to modify the control nerves of the insects. Furthermore, they also put the sensor and small solar cell panel on the back of this cyborg.

With these modifications, DragonflEye can be used to perform data collection remotely. Researchers can also manage this cyborg movement. Its existence would be very useful, especially if used for observation in areas that are harmful to humans. Also very appropriate if used for espionage activities.

The existence of this latest technology on the one hand is very interesting. However, on the other hand, this technology is really scary. Moreover, if researchers can create cyborgs in larger sizes, by using other animals. However, to get there is still quite far. Currently, researchers are only able to control the movement of this cyborg dragonfly to fly straight. Let’s wait for the development of this technology in the future. But I’m sure it will soon materialize another cyborg that is more sophisticated like in the movies we’ve ever watched.

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Take Photos With Less Light Conditions With Smartphone Camera

For those of you who love photography, of course, already know the use of light. Light is very important to produce good images. If less light will make the image look bad. Camera technology is designed to work capturing every light and now the technology is increasingly sophisticated cameras. Although using a smartphone camera, you can take pictures in the dark with good results.

These tips you can apply on your smartphone camera, I hope these tips useful for you:

1. Set the ISO
You can set the ISO in manual mode in the camera smartphone. ISO used should be around 800-6400 (depending on the level of light present). However, just like a flash, the use of the ISO can also be a bad thing. High ISO can make the image quality becomes less good, so it should still be measured according to the level of light that are around. Continue reading

China Introduces Robot Police Anbot


State University of Defense of China has debuted from Anbot, which rides on a robot designed to protectagainst violence and riots in the streets of the country.Of course this is very unique, because it uses as a police robot like the movie Robocop.

Unveiled last week in Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair, this intelligentrobot police had 1.49m tall and weighs 78kg. The robot is also able to travel independently at the highest speed of up to 18km / h, on a flat surface.
As reports People’s Dairy, the robot can patrol with a built-in sensor that ‘mimics the human brain, eyes and ears. “The article also explains that when Anbot detect potential securitythreats, controlling a human being can remotely activate the’ means of control electric-powered riot, ‘which may be a type of laser or a taser device.

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Nokia VR Ozo, Virtual Reality Camera Officially Launched


Nokia rose to try out new business areas, namely virtual reality. Nokia kicked off this field by launching a virtual reality camera named Ozo.

Previously it was reported that the Finnish company will release a virtual reality-based device that is capable of recording video with 360-degree viewing angle in 3D stereoscopic. Camera Nokia Ozo has a circular shape with a small stick in the middle sudur as a buffer.

In addition, this camera has been equipped with eight cameras and eight microfon sensor for recording and creating sound. 360 degree camera device is the first product made by Nokia that can be used to make films in the virtual reality device.

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Forgot Your Computer’s Password? Here’s the Solution!

Computer at this recent time has become some kind of a really vital thing in our lives. We use the computer almost all the time to help us to take care of our jobs and we can also have fun with it. Of course, it’s totally possible for you to store some of your private data in your computer. What will you do if you know that your computer is actually not only used by you?

Let’s just say that you have a computer in your living room and you notice that your kids or the other people at home can have access to your computer. Don’t you think it’s quite worrisome? You may have some concerns that those people may have access to your private data as well. The best way to avoid such condition from happening is to put password on your computer. You make two accounts on your computer. One is for you and it’s protected with password and the other is for the other people who may use the computer. However, what if you forget the password? This is really annoying. Not only you will not be able to access your personal data but you can’t even use your computer. What a troublesome situation indeed. Is there anything you can do to make sure that everything can be okay again?

What you need to have is the help from This website is really awesome. This is the source for you to find the greatest software to make it possible for you to reset the password of your computer. That is why you can use your computer again. And the greatness of the software is out of the question. No matter what kind of computer you have, you should be able to find the right software here. For example, you can get the software which makes it possible for you to unlock Asus laptop forgot password. Yes, different laptop may need different software. That’s why you should pay attention to it.

Latest Technology Personal Flying Machine


A team of eight students have been successful in establishing a personal flyingmachine.This machine nicknamed Snowstorm or Blizzard.Consists of a motor,the propeller and landing gear are combined in a hexagonal frame, Snowstorm able to take-off and landing vertically.

Snowstorm making process takes one year. Snowstorm designed to transport one passenger with a maximum weight of 70 kg. This flying machine can fly for about 5 minutes.So far, this glyph is directed to fly in a big room.According to the project supervisor Snowstorm, this flying machine capable of satisfying humanfantasy that had been presented in a variety of movie-themed fiction.Glyph is designed fairly lightweight and compact so it can be used individually without the need of help from others. Continue reading

Tourist arrival in Tokyo Japan Airport will be greeted by a trilingual Robot


Haneda International Airport in Tokyo the Japanese government created the NAO humanoid robot whose job is to greet the traveler.Unique indeed.Moreover, this robot also has the ability to speak threelanguages, namely Japanese, English,and the last is Mandarin.

But the ability to answer questions from the NAO robot is still very limited. As quoted from Mashable, NAO robot is only able to hold an office of seven types of questions.This robot was designed to be able to do movements that adorable to give prior notice to the passengers.Moreover, a related announcement boarding and securitycheck.

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After Fingerprint Scanner, Now Available Also Brain Scanner


Binghamton University,New York, is said to have made innovations in the human brain scanning system. You may be thinking, why not use the scanning system faces? Please note that by using facial scanningsystem is ineffective. Also required a sophisticated hardware,such as cameras clear.Not only that,scanning the faces of this very easily deceived, so it is prone to break down.

The process of scanning the brain is basically a stimulus triggers each person. In the early stages of this test, the Binghamton University said that at first everyone was served 500 different image forms, called the test electroencephalograms (EEG).Each image will blink or change every half-second, and the system monitors the brain response when viewing such images. Surely everyone has a differentresponse from each of the images that appear, for example, are people who are afraid of a lizard must have had a different response than the ordinary person. Well that’s where the systemrecords all the responses of the brain, which is used as the EEG data.

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