Kain Pintar Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Gerakan Manusia

The development of gadgets that may not be dammed now demanding users more often recharge their gadgets.From powerbank, solar charger attached to the jacket, until the shoes can recharge the batteries smartphone exemplifies the rapid innovation of this field. Even a materials scientist introduces a fabric that is able to generateelectricity just by moving the cloth.

The working principle is quite simple smart fabric that is using triboelektrik effect that can generate static electricity like when you rub a balloon to your hair so the hair will come up as attraction with balloons.This fabric is composed of two layers of materials with different types, so that if the fabric is given stimulus will occur displacement movement of electrons from one side to the other. Given this electron transfer, it will create a potential difference.

Smart fabric that is still in the development stage is claimed to be capable of generating electricity at 120V and 65 uA 4 cm2 when using silver material layer and nanopatterned polydimethylsiloxane.Whereas if you use a non-nanopatterned materials polydimethylsiloxane it will produce electrical energy for 30V and 20 uA. The electrical energy generated by this smart fabric is not yet large enough to recharge your gadgets, but with the continuous development can be ensured that later you only need to exercise in order to recharge your smartphone.

Hopefully this article can be an inspiration to you.