Currently wearable user to monitor fitness levels widely seen, and the introduction of the heartbeat is not a new thing anymore. Many mobiledevices such as smartphones that already has a heartbeat sensor recognition,and it is a very practical tool, because we can monitor at any fitness level.

But what if we want to see the level of alcohol in the blood throughout the day for the purposes of medicalprocedures or monitoring? Yes, this time it has found a more practical way to monitor the level of alcohol in the blood.

During the event the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Wearable biosensors Challenge, a company by the name of creating wearable BACtrack called Skyn,the company previously also had created the Breathalyzers.

Skyn itself essentially as a common wearable that you can wear around your wrist and through direct contact with the skin, will be able to measure the level of alcohol in your blood.Even devices proved very useful because it has won prize money worth $ 200,000 because it has the bestdesign.

Although the measure alcohol content by skin contact less rapidly compared with Breathalyzers,but because this is a wearable product, users can continuously monitoralcohol levels every 10 seconds. In addition, this relative would not bother because you can wear them in a bar and no one would have thought that if you’re trying to see how much you drink.

But it will not be as easy and as fast as we thought, because it takes at least about 45 minutes for the alcohol passes through the system comes out through sweat.Unfortunately Skyn has not been certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration USA) for marketingapproval, so do not expect to see this available commercially in the near future. Hopefully this information is helpful to you.