You’ll often see the astronauts from your television, but did you know the astronauts clothes made of any material and use for the astronauts themselves, following his review:

As we know, the workplace astronaut is in space. There is no atmosphere, so that astronauts face the threat of harmful radiation from the sun. The radiation is not filtered by the atmosphere like when the earth. Therefore, astronaut suits designed to prevent the harmful radiation “touched” the astronaut’s body.

Each ingredient has a specific response to radiation. For example, if an ingredient is reflecting red radiation (wavelength 620-750 nm) and absorb other radiation, then the material will look red to our eyes. The same principle applies to other colors such as yellow (wavelengths 570-590 nm), green (495-570 nm wavelength), and blue (wavelength 450-495 nm).

If a substance does not reflect (aka absorb) all the radiation, then the material will appear black to our eyes. That is why, when conditions are dark, the colors visible to our eyes is black, because there is no light radiation reflected back to our eyes.

What about the white substance? What Light radiation reflected?

Materials which appear white in our eyes is a material which is reflecting all of the radiation. This is why the use of white material for clothing astronauts. Dangerous radiation astronauts can not reach the body because it reflected back into space by the white-colored material.

White clothing also serves to maintain the astronaut’s body to keep warm, because the radiation emitted by the astronaut’s body will be bounced back to the (not lost to space).

1. Helm. Useful to protect astronauts from sunlight, radiation, cosmic rays, charged particles, and so forth, but the astronauts were still able to see clearly.

2. Gloves and boots. Protective hands and feet, but can still move freely.

3. The Primary Life-Support System. This device is useful as peyediakan oxygen, air pressure regulator, and humidity, this perngkat packed like backpacks, heavy.

4. Radio communications. You know the vacuum that can not deliver the sound? Well, the radio communication allows Astonot communicate with each other when outside the plane.

Astronaut clothes made of:

1. The five layers nylom dialuminisiumisasi, five dialuminiumisasi mylar film layer, as pelidung heat.

2. Nylon-coated neoprene, as protector of the meteor shower with a relatively small size.

3. The layer structure of polyester / dacron, as protector of the pressure difference with the external environment.

4. Layer kemi bag of nylon / polyurethane, as protector of the state outside the vacuum.

5. The hinges at the points of major joints, allowing the astronauts to move in the heavy clothes.

6. Packaging of the body that comes with cold water, it allows the astronauts to do heavy labor, even more than six hours nonstop, but without sweating a bit.

7. thin layer of nylon, which is useful to make the astronauts feel comfortable, and easy to get in and out, in and out of these clothes.
Hopefully this article can be useful for you to add to your knowledge and your family about technology astronaut suit, thank you.