Asthma Treatment Using Nanotechnology

A new approach has been created to treat asthma and respiratory allergies! A group of scientists have found that nanoparticles can be degraded biologically (biodegradable).The researchers They focused on the use of nanoparticles to prevent allergic reactions in the respiratory tract.

Nano-particle technology can also be applied to food allergies, not only on allergies caused by bacteria and viruses. According to Stephen Miller, a professor of Microbiology-Immunology, application of this invention is expected to eliminate the dependence on drugs asthma and allergic lung lifetime!This method works by creating a tolerance in the immunesystems of nanoparticles as a deterrent against allergens. This technology has been tested on a group of mice with asthma and so far it works well. Along with increasing time, this technology is also making progress in overcoming autoimmune diseases. Research a medical company that is now focus the nanoparticle-based therapy.

Ways of working

When nanoparticles injected into the bloodstream, the immune system will see the particles as harmless particles so that the particles will be consumed by macrophages or cells cleaners.Cleaning cells will “say” all is fine. As a result, the immune system will “suspend” their response to the nanoparticles so that the particles can infiltrate into the lungs. In the case of mice, their lungs (rats) have been processed in such a way so reactive to egg protein. Now these mice react to egg protein with a kind of asthmaticreactions. Once the nano particles to the lungs of mice and neutralizing the egg protein, they do not show symptoms of asthma again.

Other benefits

The scientists found that injection of nanoparticles can increase the number of T-cell function as a sedative regulator allergens.That more and more T-regulatory cells, the weaker the patient’s reaction to allergens (allergy-causing). If simply, if our lungs are highly allergic to cigarette smoke, the increase in the number of regulatory T cells in our body will reduce the sensitivity to cigarettesmoke.This discovery is very useful for the development in the treatment of respiratory disorders and, if applied widely in the future be able to completely eliminate dependence on drugs for asthma and lung allergy.

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