Everyone must know about airplanes, and even may have often boarded the plane for traveling. To add to the knowledge of the aircraft, please read this article:

The Wright brothers (Wright brothers), Orville, who was born on August 19, 1871 and died on 30 January 1948 and then his brother Wilbur, who was born on April 16 in 1867 and died 30 May 1912 are the two Americans who recorded the world as the inventor of the airplane because they managed to build a plane which first flew successfully flown and controlled by humans on December 17, 1903. Two years after their discovery, the two brothers developed the ‘glyph’ them to form aircraft taking wing as we now know it.

Although they are not the person who first made a trial or experimental aircraft, the Wright brothers were the first to discover control of the aircraft so that aircraft with wings attached rigid control.

Flying the first time using a hot air balloon berkebangsaaan found a Frenchman named Joseph Montgolfier and Etiene Montgolfier occurred in 1782, and then perfected a German named Ferdinand von Zeppelin by modifying the cigar-shaped balloon that is used to carry passengers and goods in 1900. In The next year the Zeppelin mengusai air freight to ship disaster Zeppelin on trans-Atlantic trip in New Jersey, 1936 which marked the end of an era Zeppelin although still in use after World War II. After days of Wright, aircraft undergone many modifications both in design, shape and aircraft engines to meet the needs of air transportation.

Both have talent in the field of mechanics and are both interested in the problems of man flew into the air. In 1892 they opened a store, selling, correct, and make the bike. This effort to bring funds to continue his intention: aeronautics sector inquiry. These brothers engrossed pursue the works of aeronautics enthusiasts such as: Otto Lilienthal, Octave Chanute and Samuel P. Langley. In 1899 they began working toward his own flight. In December 1903, after four years of hard work for a little more, the results of his efforts succeeded brilliantly.

One may wonder to the Wright brothers were able to create feats failed to do others. There are several reasons that make them successful. First of all, two heads are certainly more effective than one head. Wright brothers always work together and tunjang-supporting with very harmonious and perfect. Secondly, they deftly took the decision that they first learn how to fly before trying to make the plane.
At first glance it seems contradictory according to this general measure: how to learn to fly if there is no airplane? The answer is, the Wright brothers learned to fly by using a glider. At first they observe the workings of the kite, then the launcher. The next year they bring the glider size to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, enough to be boarded and can lift a man. This plane attempted.

Although many investigations in this field which preceded it, no doubt Wright bersaudaralah could be considered a forerunner to the invention of airplanes. In determining the order in the list of this book, which became the main grip is the creation of airplanes has no meaning is less important than the invention of the printing press or the steam which both had constructed a fairy revolutionary overhaul of human life. However, it can not be denied the invention of airplanes is an important historical phenomenon, both in terms of the use for the purposes of peace and war. Within a decades thereafter, the airplane had constructed our world is so shrunken even space was great being able to touch a finger. And more than that, the invention of airplanes loaded with man is a beginner and opening the way for flight in outer space.

Thus a little review of the history of the first plane and discovery, hopefully this information can add to your knowledge and your family, thank you.