Binghamton University,New York, is said to have made innovations in the human brain scanning system. You may be thinking, why not use the scanning system faces? Please note that by using facial scanningsystem is ineffective. Also required a sophisticated hardware,such as cameras clear.Not only that,scanning the faces of this very easily deceived, so it is prone to break down.

The process of scanning the brain is basically a stimulus triggers each person. In the early stages of this test, the Binghamton University said that at first everyone was served 500 different image forms, called the test electroencephalograms (EEG).Each image will blink or change every half-second, and the system monitors the brain response when viewing such images. Surely everyone has a differentresponse from each of the images that appear, for example, are people who are afraid of a lizard must have had a different response than the ordinary person. Well that’s where the systemrecords all the responses of the brain, which is used as the EEG data.

From the tests,30 of 32 people managed to test the test up to 100%.If the success rate is growing,it is not impossible if this system will be applied as an entry into a variety of devices or perhaps as attendance at the office.Which becomes its weakness is take a long time because it had to face the 500 images, and might be able to login failures.