4K TV with a fantastic image quality lately seems to still make a lot of people think twice because often hit today’s relatively high prices. Let alone for a large size, for a small TV 4K price is still considered expensive.

This does not seem to apply to 4k 55-inch TV Vizio this time. Although it has a premium design with the support of high-class TV feature that seabrek, but the price per unit of 4K size 55-inch TV is reportedly can be owned with a price tag of only 650 USD.

Given the greatness of the current M-Series lineup, the TV Vizio with the M55-D0 model is ideal for delivering a truly amazing Home Theater experience. Especially the existence of the built-in SmartCast feature allows users to control the operation of various programs and games remotely thanks to the support of Google Cast applications that can collaborate Android-based Android 6-inch tablet Marsmallow that can function as a sophisticated remote control expertly managing various content stream. The resulting sound is more clear and jarring like watching in theaters thanks to the support of built-in features DTS Studio Sound and DTS TruSurround, and Sound Bar System that can be purchased separately.

In addition to HDR and Dolby Vision support that ensures every 4K display on the Vizio home theater screen looks more real and clear, the 3840 x 2160 pixels (UHD) TV is also equipped with an Octa-Core V8 processor as a performance-hammer line. Especially with the advanced innovation of 64 Active LED ZonesĀ® support on the device makes it dynamically adjust the backlight of the screen to adapt to the on-screen content, delivering unparalleled levels of contrast, sharpness, unparalleled black white.

For wireless connectivity alone can rely on built-in WiFi and Ethernet ports, while support for connectivity between other support devices can enable the availability of reliable features, including 2 HDMI 2.0a ports, 2 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, 1 Digital Optical Audio out, 1 component in, and 1 RCA Audio out.

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