We are really familiar with the use of email nowadays. In fact, almost every day, we use it to communicate with the other people. Why? It’s proven that email is so awesome and effective. It can carry your message and also the other kinds of multimedia files in the form of attachments. Not to mention, it’s also easy. With the expanding advancement in the field of technology where internet is the base, email has become the great power.

However, there are some catches with email. One of the biggest troubles is how you send the email to the wrong person and you want to recall the email back. In most cases, it’s totally impossible for you to do it. Once the email is sent, there’s no way for you to cancel it. If the email is not something important or credential, you may not have anything to worry at all. But, what if it’s so crucial. Let’s say you send your love letter to your mistress but you send it to your wife instead. You don’t want the third world war to happen, right? Is there any possible way on how to recall email?

Fortunately, there is but you really need to make sure you use either Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. You really need to thank the developers of both email providers for providing the feature to recall the email. For instance, if you are using Gmail, when you’re sending the email, there is some time which is about a few seconds for you to cancel the sending. That way the email will not be sent. Similar feature is also provided if you are using Microsoft Outlook. Well, this kind of feature may not be that much but it’s really important. But the point is, you really need to be so sure whenever you are trying to send the email so you can really avoid the unwanted effect from happening.