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Possible and Proper Alternative for WordPress


Just ask yourself. If you are trying to make a website, what kind of content management system will you choose? Yes, when we’re talking about CMS, normally, you will choose WordPress. Without any doubt, WordPress is so great. There have been many people who claim that such CMS is so awesome by considering the fact that you are going to be able to enjoy various kinds of plug in to make your website more fabulous.

For that aspect, WordPress is truly awesome. However, there’s a lacking there. WordPress doesn’t really allow the users to deal with the design as they please. Basically, it’s possible to do that but you will need to have some descent skills in coding and web design. Yes, not all people have such skill. Well, perhaps, at this point, you are wondering about the possible alternative for WordPress. Is it possible for you to find it? Indeed, it is but you may be confused about what to choose. This is where you need the help offered by

Here, you are going to learn about the right and proper method to make sure that you can improve the quality of your website if you demand the alternative for WordPress. You will be guided to learn about various other alternatives including the pros and the cons. Therefore, you can really figure out the right and proper choice as the alternative for WordPress. You must understand that it is important to learn about such information so you can maintain your satisfaction later on in running your website. Yes, you should also understand that WordPress is not the only choice for you. WordPress is basically great but it’s possible for you to find it less satisfying due to some aspects. If you face such condition and you want to know the possible alternatives, check out the website mentioned before so you will not make any mistake in choosing the alternative.

This Smartwatch Able to Make Skin Like the Touch Screen

This Smartwatch Able to Make Skin Like the Touch Screen

You have a smart watches or smartwatch? Now many smartphone manufacturers releasing products to the smart watch market. Call it Apple, Xiaomi, even to Mito, one of the local smartphone manufacturers. Each smartwatch has capabilities far more information than a regular watch. Smartwatch has a processor that serves as the “brain” to perform various functions like a smartphone.

But the biggest problem faced by users worldwide smartwatch is the screen size. If calculated on the average, every smartwatch has a screen with a size of less than 3 inches, making it difficult to be operated with the fingers, especially by anyone who has a large radius.

Scientists capture the anxiety of the users smartwatch and they took the initiative to solve this problem in a way that is beyond imagination! The scientists added a ring of electromagnetic signal transmitter which is combined with a signal receiver that is installed on a smartwatch bracelet. When the user wearing a special ring, each finger movements (fitted ring) will be considered as the movement of the finger on the screen surface. Continue reading

China Introduces Robot Police Anbot


State University of Defense of China has debuted from Anbot, which rides on a robot designed to protectagainst violence and riots in the streets of the country.Of course this is very unique, because it uses as a police robot like the movie Robocop.

Unveiled last week in Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair, this intelligentrobot police had 1.49m tall and weighs 78kg. The robot is also able to travel independently at the highest speed of up to 18km / h, on a flat surface.
As reports People’s Dairy, the robot can patrol with a built-in sensor that ‘mimics the human brain, eyes and ears. “The article also explains that when Anbot detect potential securitythreats, controlling a human being can remotely activate the’ means of control electric-powered riot, ‘which may be a type of laser or a taser device.

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BackTrack Skyn, Unique Wearable Can Counting On Blood Alcohol Content


Currently wearable user to monitor fitness levels widely seen, and the introduction of the heartbeat is not a new thing anymore. Many mobiledevices such as smartphones that already has a heartbeat sensor recognition,and it is a very practical tool, because we can monitor at any fitness level.

But what if we want to see the level of alcohol in the blood throughout the day for the purposes of medicalprocedures or monitoring? Yes, this time it has found a more practical way to monitor the level of alcohol in the blood.

During the event the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Wearable biosensors Challenge, a company by the name of creating wearable BACtrack called Skyn,the company previously also had created the Breathalyzers.

Skyn itself essentially as a common wearable that you can wear around your wrist and through direct contact with the skin, will be able to measure the level of alcohol in your blood.Even devices proved very useful because it has won prize money worth $ 200,000 because it has the bestdesign.

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How to Convert Multipage DWG Files to Multipage PDF Files

If you are an engineer, architect, or a designer, you surely are familiar with AutoCad. Yes, it’s a software which can really make your job a lot much easier and more convenient. AutoCad is the software which can be so helpful in making design in both 2D and 3D. That’s why the project you’re going to deal with is going to be much clearer in its designing. You can use the design for presentation purpose or to make some kind of blueprint. If you are using AutoCad, you most likely will have DWG files as the output files. When you have done with your designing, you most likely will save your design in DWG file type.

pdfLet’s say you have completed the designing and it is the time for you to present it to the client. You really want to make sure your client can really comprehend the details of the design. However, sometimes, it can be really troublesome as you have DWG files. You need to make sure that when you are doing the presentation, you have a device with AutoCad installed on it. That way you can open your DWG files. This is really bothering as you need to carry the device with you. If you’re doing the presentation in your office, perhaps, it may not be that troublesome at all. However, if you are doing it in the office of your client, things can be really complicated. Now what will you do to make sure that the presentation can still go on properly and smoothly? You may think that it’s going to be a lot much more convenient if you can turn the DWG files into PDF files. We all know that PDF is a lot much more “portable” and easy to manage. But, how can you turn DWG files into PDF files? Is there any way for you to do that properly without reducing the quality of the materials contained in the DWG files?

Well, lucky for you, there’s a great converter to make such thing possible. We are talking about a kind of software which is specially designed for such purpose. You can get the converter from The converter we are talking about here is so fantastic and fabulous. The quality of the converted files is going to be maintained. At the same time, it’s also possible for you to expect the conversion to be done quickly. The converter makes it possible for you to convert multipage DWG files into multipage PDF files. That’s why you can deal with the conversion just in one go and everything is going to be perfect. Now that you have already got PDF files, you can find that it’s going to be a lot much more convenient for you. You can use it for various purposes starting from presentation, emailing, and many other things. You can figure out that the issue stated above has found its solution right? That’s why you need to get the converter right away. On the website, you can also find the tutorial on how to use the converter.

Highly Recommended Place to Shop for Some Projectors

At this recent time, projectors have become quite popular compared to a few years ago. To be honest, projectors are not new devices. We have known about them for quite a while. However, until recently, the usage has become more and more intense. The main reason why such popularity happens is the fact that the projectors are so functional. And yes, more and more people need it. In the field of business, projectors are so perfect for business meeting.

Business presentation can be made more interesting and more understandable by using projectors. At the same time, it’s also possible to count on the projectors to reach more people during the presentation. By considering such great demands, it’s really normal for the projectors to be developed. You may have heard that there are some projector products which are so compact. They can be carried easily. Yes, we’re talking about portable projector which has rather small sizes. Don’t you think it’s so fantastic? In case you’re interested to buy a projector or two or even more, you should consider getting them online. Why? It’s going to be so easy for you and at the same time, you can find so many options. But, of course, you will need to find the best one.

Well, try to get the right projectors from Here, you’re going to find so many kinds of projector. It’s even possible for you to get the specific ones like short throw projectors. And yes, the quality of the projectors offered is something you should never worry at all. You will get the best. Don’t forget to see the prices as well. They are so competitive. In other words, if you’re interested to get new projectors that will please you, you have got the right place here. Time to shop for some projectors, right?

Information Portal for Technology Development

If we’re talking about the development in the field of technology, basically, we’re talking about something so dynamic. Yes, almost every day we can hear and learn about some new techno stuffs are being made. Why does such development seem to be so rapid? Well, to be honest, it’s all related to the demands of the market as well. Right now, it can be said that the people are quite dependent to various technology-related matters.

We really count on some devices and tools to make our lives easier. Just take a look at your own phone. Do you realize how your phone is now so sophisticated compared to what you had five or six years ago? And it is not all. Technology development isn’t always about the development in creating some stuffs for our pleasure and convenient. Sometimes, it can be more vital than that. Have you ever considered about how well developed medical technology is at this recent time? We are really lucky as there are many things being invented to make sure we can have healthier life. New medical technology stuffs are also created to help us cure some diseases. You can go to the hospital and directly check the laboratory. You will find there are so many awesome tools and equipment with various functions which are all related to the development in the field of healthcare itself.

And yes, the finding of new medicines is also one of the great examples. In case you want to know the latest updates related to the development in the field of technology, you can try to check Teck Hike. It’s a website providing nice information about such stuff. Surely, the information is updated regularly. It’s not only suitable for the tech geeks but also for ordinary people. You’ll find the information is both enlightening and also entertaining at the same time.

Generate Google Levis Collaboration and Smart Jacquard Jacket


What happens if the technology and fashion combined into a new innovative product? Yes, Google is now entering the realm of fashion by cooperating with Levi’s to produce a smart jackets that have the ability to quite sophisticated. Jackets are devoted to the cyclists named ProjectJacquard.

JacquardProject itself is the creation of a division of Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects). With this jacket, the user is possible to control the music player, answer incoming calls, and to access the navigation on smartphones.The idea of making this smart jacket itself pushed out of efforts to improve the safety of cyclists.

Today, many cyclists, especially in the United States were busy playing a cell phone while driving a bicycle. Of course, it is equally harm it with motorists who play a mobilephone while driving.

How to use it is also not so complicated, the user only needs to use his right arm to give orders. This can be done because the jacket is equipped with a variety of motionsensors embedded in the jacket. Of course this is a challenge that is unique, because it must combine fashion with technology.

Unfortunately, until now there has been no confirmation from Google regarding when the project will be commercialized and how much it costs for the smartjacket. Hopefully there is certainty information in the near future.

The Necessity of Having Security Camera at Home

At this recent time, you need to realize that crime has got so bad. The fact that the life is getting harder and harder as the time goes by is the reason why the people turn into criminals. Statistic has shown that the amount of trespassing, robbing, and breakthrough has improved drastically over the years. You may have also heard how the people you know have become the victims of such condition. They may have got their houses robbed. What a terrifying news indeed.

cameraYou really need to do something to give extra protection to your house. Yes, you do need it to make sure you can sleep at night comfortably and you can also avoid being the victim. The extra protection you need can be in the form of security camera. Yes, basically, security camera can’t really work well when it comes to make the people who have bad intent to your house end up forgetting the plan. But, at least, the risk can be more minimized. If the people know your house has security camera, the bad people may think more than just twice to try to breakthrough your house. They know that their act will be caught on camera and even if they are able to deal with the robbing, it should not take a lot of time before they are arrested by the police by using the recording of the camera as the proof.

Now you have understood the greatness of the security camera, right? If your house has not had it, you really need to get it right away. Of course, you will need to spend some money but it’s more than just worthy compared to the great benefits you can get later on. Use the help from Security Camera System Pro and visit its website to figure out the highly recommended security camera products out there.

Especially for Surface Protective Case Book, Make Laptop strong and Intact Despite When Dropped


Book Surface fromMicrosoft is one of the best laptops on the market today. Unfortunately, the laptop 2-in-1 is not accompanied by a sturdy design. So if you fall, laptop pegged at high prices is also vulnerable to damage.

There are quite a lot of solutions that can be done to avoid accidents which result in damage to the SurfaceBook. One of them is by wearing protective casing as a preventive measure. Protective casing options which could be used for the Surface Book is now on the market are the Urban Armor Gear.

Urban Armor Gear is a protective casing which is specifically designed for the Surface Book. This casing also meet military standards, even more. By using this protectivecasing, Surface Book was intact after a fall from a height of 1.2 meters. This figure was higher than the military standard, namely 0.7 meters.

Laptops that use this protective casing also has undergone testing process dropped as much as 26 times from a height of 1.2 meters. As a result, SurfaceBook is still intact and there is no shred of damage. Laptops can still be used and the touchscreen is not problematic. Hopefully this article useful to you.

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