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Month: February 2016

A Better Way to Learn Everything about SAP BW

sapKnowledge and application about SAP BW is not something owned and can be done by everyone at this point of time. On the other hand, job vacancies related to it seems to get higher from time to time and of course it is something not to miss since it is quite promising. The question then is: can everyone, especially those who have interest in learning further about SAP Business Warehouse and all things related to it, such as making analysis, interpretation, and report on business data, get a good chance to learn about the subject? If they do can, where should they learn about it without wasting too much time on the learning progress?

The fact should be known in this situation is that actually right now there are quite a lot of learning centers focusing mostly on SAP BW training. Certainly, this training is mainly purposed for people mentioned earlier in the previous part. This kind of training will certainly create more people with better ability in SAP Business Warehouse, who is actually needed by quite a lot of companies at this point of time.

The best thing about SAP BW training is not only located in the knowledge and ability that will be obtained. It is also located in some other benefits can be obtained by all trainees. For example, a lot of training center offering online class right now so there is no need to go anywhere to join in each class to discuss about all materials needed. Besides, the learning time is also very flexible since this can be chose by each trainee. The last but not least example benefit is that each course will be given by expert. For further information about the best way to learn about SAP BW, you can just simply Visit Here.

Blogging as Alternative Job after Finishing School

It is true that one of the reasons for the people to have the desire to get education as high as possible is to make it easier for them to get the job later on. Yes, no matter what, in the end, we all want to be employed and surely, we desire to get such great job. However, there is something quite interesting about this. The fact that it is not really that easy to get a job recently is actually the cause.

bloggingPerhaps, you know someone who decided to continue the education just because that person finds it hard to be employed with the current degree. Let’s just say the person has bachelor degree. After a while applying for some vacancies, the person is still unemployed. Due to the worry that it’s going to be embarrassing because of the unemployment status, the person decides to continue the education to the next level which is the postgraduate program. It’s quite a pity actually because the reason to get higher education is just about social status. You need to know that working isn’t always about going to the office. You can start blogging actually.

It is not a secret anymore that blogging can really become the great way for you to make money. In fact, blogging is important to get a job after finishing school. Yes, this can really become a great alternative especially for those who can’t afford higher education. By blogging, someone can really start earning money which can be used for living or to get higher education. That is why, starting from now on, you should start thinking outside of the box. If blogging can really become your job, why don’t you do it? After all, blogging for job doesn’t really demand you to be a master in certain topic. As long as you want to learn and you are consistent about your blogging, you can surely earn something from it.

Tourist arrival in Tokyo Japan Airport will be greeted by a trilingual Robot


Haneda International Airport in Tokyo the Japanese government created the NAO humanoid robot whose job is to greet the traveler.Unique indeed.Moreover, this robot also has the ability to speak threelanguages, namely Japanese, English,and the last is Mandarin.

But the ability to answer questions from the NAO robot is still very limited. As quoted from Mashable, NAO robot is only able to hold an office of seven types of questions.This robot was designed to be able to do movements that adorable to give prior notice to the passengers.Moreover, a related announcement boarding and securitycheck.

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Easily Find the Perfect Place to Hold Your Important Meeting

appWhenever you are trying to hold a meeting with such important people, indeed, you need to make sure that everything related to the meeting can be done perfectly. You can risk to be inept in this matter because it may affect your own career. You don’t want to disappoint the people whom you are going to have the meeting with and thus, it will affect the outcome of the meeting right? That is why, it can be said that to get the right place for the meeting is a half way there to determine the great outcome of your meeting.

However, whenever you are trying to find the right place for your meeting, you may find that it is not really that easy. There are surely so many places which can become your alternatives but you may not really know which place is the best for you. Not to mention, if you are in need for urgent place to hold the meeting, you may find that things can be a lot much more complicated for you. Well, to make sure that you can deal with everything as proper as possible, basically, you can count on the help offered by the technology. What you need to have is Bizly. It is a kind of application which can be installed on your phone and once you do that, you can find that things can be a lot much easier for you. This application will make it easier for you to find the right places to hold your meeting. It is already in your hand. All you need to do is to activate the application and everything will be handled properly. You can also use the application by filtering the search. Therefore, the result of the search will really be suitable with what you want.

If you think those features are not really that enough for you, just take a look at how the application is able to make sure that you can book the place right away directly from the app. How easy it is for you! And yes, it is also possible for you to book the place in the great hotels which can be used for your place to hold the meeting. It can be said that the process to get the right place for your meeting doesn’t take a lot of time. It can be done instantly and without any doubt, there is no way for the people who will come to your meeting to be disappointed. Now that you have understood the greatness of this application, you need to make sure that you have it on your phone right away. This app can be used in your Apple gadget. Therefore, you can get it from iTunes. So, what are you waiting anymore? By considering the explanation mentioned before, getting the app can help you to determine the greatness of your business because you can make certain that your meeting can be held perfectly as well. You will not be troubled and the result will surely be satisfying for both you and the people who will come to your meeting.

Abov™ Power Solutions Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Voltower™ – The Power Strip All Others Look Up To™


Philadelphia, PA  – February 10, 2016 –  The Voltower, Earth’s first and only height-adjustable power strip is now live on Kickstarter.  Put the power where YOU want it by supporting Voltower’s campaign on Kickstarter.

The Voltower is a truly innovative power solution that cleans up annoying cord clutter, and eliminates the “cord-crawl” forever. It might just be the first power strip you actually LOVE.

A recent survey showed that the average American owns four electronic devices – all of which have a limited battery life.  “As we constantly need to recharge, it becomes painfully obvious that we need a better more convenient power solution,” says Dean Rosenblum, the Voltower’s inventor, and Founder of Abov Power Solutions.

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After Fingerprint Scanner, Now Available Also Brain Scanner


Binghamton University,New York, is said to have made innovations in the human brain scanning system. You may be thinking, why not use the scanning system faces? Please note that by using facial scanningsystem is ineffective. Also required a sophisticated hardware,such as cameras clear.Not only that,scanning the faces of this very easily deceived, so it is prone to break down.

The process of scanning the brain is basically a stimulus triggers each person. In the early stages of this test, the Binghamton University said that at first everyone was served 500 different image forms, called the test electroencephalograms (EEG).Each image will blink or change every half-second, and the system monitors the brain response when viewing such images. Surely everyone has a differentresponse from each of the images that appear, for example, are people who are afraid of a lizard must have had a different response than the ordinary person. Well that’s where the systemrecords all the responses of the brain, which is used as the EEG data.

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How to Find the Best Lithium Battery


Perhaps, you may not really know that some of your home appliances are using lithium battery so it can work properly. Do you want to know the example, well, you can check out what is being used by your vacuum cleaner. You are very likely to find the battery mentioned before. Yes, up to this point, we all know that the battery is going to have run out of its ability to generate power to the appliances if we have use the appliances for quite a while.

Yes, without any doubt, if such condition happens to you, you need to find out the replacement for the battery and you really need to do it as fast as possible to make sure that the appliances can be used normally again. If you think it is going to be so easy for you, you are wrong. You need to know that there are so many options for the lithium battery you can find out there. Chances are, you are going to be quite confused in determining which battery you need to get. In order to get it easier for you, you should try to seek for some information especially the one containing the info about the specifications and recommendations.

That way you can really make sure you can get the battery which can be suitable with what you want and at the same time, you can also make it certain that you are going to get the best option. For instance, you are in need for 18650 lithium battery. To make it certain for you to get the best one, like what has been mentioned before, you need to get the information about the reviews. You should be able to learn about the greatness of the various batteries including the possible flaws. That way you can really compare them to figure out which one is the best.

Skybender, Internet Deployment Projects 5G from Google by Using Drone


Google is preparing a new project, in which the goal is still the same, namely to provide Internet access to remote areas of the Google project is named Skybender.

Unlike Loon project, the project is going transmits Skybender veryfast internet networks,5G,which was allegedly 50 times faster than the 4G LTE network.Even the results of the test temporarily,5G internet network is able to break the speed until 3,6Gbps.Now the interesting part of this project is Skybinder Google will no longer use a hot air balloon,but the use of drones that will emit the Internet network.

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The Best Ceramic Fiber for High Temperature Industries

ceramicAlso known as an aluminum silicate fiber blanket, a ceramic fiber blanket is a type of insulation refractory material. In other words, it’s a non-metallic material that can withstand high temperatures. It has a high strength, light-weight binder, and also performs well as an insulator. It’s effective in reducing the weight of high temperature factory equipment. It also reduces heating times, and saves energy.

Ceramic fiber blankets are composed of aluminum silicate and traces of additional auxiliary materials. During the production process, the ceramic fiber is developed using two methods: spun needle blankets, and blown needle blankets. Blankets created using the double-side needle process are of higher quality than others.

Ceramic fiber blanket have low thermal conductivity, which means they don’t conduct heat very well (remember, it’s non-metallic). However, it has excellent insulation properties, making it an effective way to use energy more optimally. It’s light in weight, and also thermal shock resistant.

This material is uniform in diameter, has great tensile strength, and created with long fibers, which improve its performance. It also holds up reliably well in different environments, such as dry or humid surroundings. It helps that the material doesn’t rust.

Ceramic fiber blankets are typically white in color. Cutting and installing the material is relatively simple. Ceramic fiber blankets are white, and typically come in rolls that can be cut as needed. It is an easy material to cut and install. The properties of the blanket aren’t affected by oil. It doesn’t work as well when it’s wet, but after drying, it goes back to its original strength and effectiveness.

Because of the many advantages of this material, ceramic fiber blankets have many applications across different industries, from food production to automotive, and everywhere in between. It can serve as the lining for high temperature reaction equipment in the chemical industry, as lining for industrial furnaces, as thermal insulation for high-rise building, or as high temperature filler material. Because of its heat resistance and insulation properties, ceramic fiber can also be found in other forms. These include ceramic fiber rope, boards, and paper.


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