Did you know that the rocket first created in China? Perhaps many of us who do not know this, the following review:

The first rocket was made in China in the 13th century. Since the beginning in China, the rocket was used as firecrackers / fireworks that can shot into the air to form a giant fireworks in the sky. Later developed into a rocket firecrackers and used as a means to carry payloads with the aim of war and peace.

At times of war, fireworks changed into a means launcher to fire arrows. This weapon is used among others China or Chin Tartar army to repel the attacks of the nation of Mongolia led by Kai Feng Fu in 1232.
Through the trade channel, knowledge of the manufacture of firecrackers to India and even to the western nations. Firecrackers in the hands of western nations developed into a rocket through a series of studies over the five centuries that since the 13th century until the 18th. Rocket name comes from the Italian Rocchetta (ie small fuse), the name of a small firecracker that was created by the Italian artificer Muratori in 1379.

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