At this time, many of our children are using technology in any case, but does he know the history behind the creation of the technology until it is today? Following a review of the history of technology ranging from the Stone Age to the present:

The development of human civilizzation is accompanied by the developmennt of a way of delivering information (here in after referred to as information technology), starting frrom the pictures meaningless on cave walls, laying a milestone in the form of inscriptions, until the introduction of the world flow of informatioon known as the internet ,

1. Period of prehistory
At this time, information technology and comunications made by humans function as a system for the recognition of human forms that are familiar. To illustrate the inforrmation obtained, they desccribe it on the walls of the cave about hunting and animal prey. At this time, people began to identify objects that exist around their neighborhood, then described it on the wall of the cave where he lives. Their initial communication at this age only revollve around the form of grunts and use hand signals.

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